I see that Brian Oddi, Chris Ball and Pascal Cheron have been suspended. Anyone know why? The announcement doesn't say.

Cheron is just getting over Mono, Ball is filiming a movie in the US and it is not known whether he will be back. Oddi has apparently decided to coach.

OK, thanks.

I wouldn't have thought it would be necessary to suspend a player who is ill, even in training camp, but I guess there's a rationale for that.

If they don't pass the physical they have to release them or waive the physical so instead of doing that they placed him on the suspended list so that nobody else could take him. That's my understanding of it.

Don't take my word for it though. I ususally don't understand things as well as I thought I did.

That explains EVERYTHING, bg...

I don't think they MUST be placed on the suspended list, but according to Marshall on CHML the other day, Cheron was placed on the suspended list in case they needed to add someone else to the training camp roster. It makes sense that they might need another warm body just to make the drills work.