Why are players getting suspended on the first day of training camp????

I don't think people are getting suspended. They are being put on the suspended list. I know in the Riders case for Dustin Cherniawski (Sp?) he is quiting for work reasons or something, so they put him on the suspended list. It just prevents him from quiting, and then going to another team.

They wont be suspended long.....long enough to look up Arbitrator in the Yellow pages..... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Damn. I was going to make the same joke. :lol:

Evidently a player on the suspended list can come back to play much easier than a player that has retired.

Teams will suspend players for various reasons at the start of the season. Not showing up is a key one.

This is a team thing, not the league.

Brandon Browners case it is personal issues to be dealt with. So the team suspends them until it is over.

If they’re not suspended (or retired), they take up a TC spot. And whoever said it is easier to suspend/unsuspend someone than the retirement route is correct.

...I am quite sure they are literally suspended....from the locker room ceiling with bungee cords, or the like....

You mean duct-taped to goal posts?

With so many players in camp some are given suspenders to hold up their ill-fitting pants.