Suspension or Not?

I haven’t seen anyone post it yet so i was wondering what you guys thought of the high hit on bishop when the game was practically already over. I can’t remember the hitters name tho but personally that was a viscious hit and should be suspended for 2-3 games

That was Kai Ellis, it was a completely unnecessary and vicious hit, and yes, I agree that a one-game suspension is in order. And I say that as an Alouettes fan.

A definite cheap shot. If not already reviewed by the league, you would think the Argos would have sent a copy of the tape.

Yes, one gamer. Definitely going after the noggin and that is not good. But have to admit, it was fun to watch, sort of rassling style takedown.
Seriously though, could have resulted in a major neck/head injury.

A high hit?
I dont think so

He will only use the Jimenez clause to get out of it.

Okay, okay, maybe not vicious. I'm not in Kai Ellis's head, so I don't know his state of mind. But there was absolutely no call for that type of take-down at that point. The game was over. And the way he did it, it could have turned into one of those ugly horse-collar tackles that results in a serious neck or head injury. Ellis should know better.

Well, whatever was going through his head, it was a dumb move