Suspended Speaker being Removed from McMahon Stadium

The McMahon Stadium Society announced the speaker that is suspended over the middle of the field is being removed after 35 years.

"As the suspension system enters its 35th year, the MMSS Board of Directors has made the decision to decommission the suspended sound system prior to the start of the 2022 CFL season. This decision was made after consultation with engineers, stadium management, the University of Calgary, the city of Calgary, and out of an abundance of caution for the safety of participants and spectators."

They'll be putting in something temporary for "some or all of the Stampeders 2022 games"


Anyone else click on this story expecting to read about a certain loudmouth Stampeders fan getting booted from their stadium?



Exactly what I was thinking when reading the headline. I was already thinking how I was going to reply and edit the original post as I was reading it, then I saw your comment. No need to do so now, the Cats out of the bag, or the Horse out of the stable, type of thing. :+1:

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I was already to ask what did the speaker do to get suspended :slight_smile:


I think it's been there longer than 35 years, no? Didn't Hank Ilesic (as an Esk) use to take pride it hitting it with one of his sky high punts?

If it was a politician then I would have laughed and take pride in that​:joy::joy::beers:.

Looking at the caption did make me think a speaker was thrown out​:joy::joy:.

It went up in 1988 I believe. I'm actually a bit disappointed it's coming down and I've never seen anyone hit it yet

The first year it went in, somebody hit it. I remember the replay of it. I want to say that it was Ilesic but I can't recall for sure.

If anyone was gonna do it it was that guy.

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dont you mean Hank the Shank?

TANK. One of the greatest punters, and strongest legs in CFL history.

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His leg was about 25 years ahead of its time, and straight out of high school too.


funny. Always thought it was shank. Always liked him either way.

The tokan outspoken speaker removed from McMahon spoke from his home in Spokan today about his suspension for speaking while smoking which sparked a serious discussion about spokes:

'Aren't solid rims a better alternative?'

Is it the same as the one in Edmonton? Always liked the look of them.

Yes, pretty much identical systems. Calgary’s being much older I think than Edmonton’s.