Suspended list

I have a stupid question… what is the suspended list?

At first, I thought it was something rare, and for players who tested drug positive or stuff like that… but after looking at news from the training camps, it looks like pretty much all teams put players on the suspended list.

What does it mean, why are there on that list for, and how long are they suspended?

A player can go on the suspended list for any violation of his contract, from not showing up for camp to being late for practice. Essentially he’s still on the team, so no one can grab him, but he can’t play until he’s removed from the suspension list. It’s basically the CFL’s way of saying “The boss wants to see you in his office.” :mrgreen:

A lot of times player on the suspended list haven’t broken any team rules, but are uanble to play for a number of reasons, so the team “suspends” them to keep them from being taken by another team, without taking up a roster spot. I belive last seasonm Jamie Crysdale spent most of training camp on Calgary’s suspended list while he was dealing with his daughter’s ilnness

Yeah, I’ve seen players go on the suspended list for all kinds of reasons. Especially in training camp there are all kinds of unforeseen things that come up. The team just needs to apply to the commissioner to put someone on the list. Anything that a player needs to deal with before playing could be a reason for “suspending” him.


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