Suspended list

I've got a question. Is the suspended list really as disciplinary as it sounds, or does it really something else?
Two questions, actually. Saw Jamal Richardson as "inactive." Any word on what's wrong?

Richardson has Pneumonia....he is listed as day to day

What did Diedrick Darhan do one day I red he was on the suspended list next day I read that he was coming off the same list. Is this something like a benching for playing bad or bad attitude, or is this for something more serious?

Im not sure what it is but I dont think it is as serious as it sounds

I know in past history if a player had personal things to attend to, Weddings, funerals, graduations, that occured during training camp they would be on the suspended lists. I think it might be tied into the CFL PA agreements regarding training camp per diems.

One of the equipment guys that works for the Lions has a brother that Coaches here in BC. A few years ago a Lion player was "Suspended". I asked him what "deed" he had done to warrant it. I was told he was in California for a Nephews wedding. Sure enough, three days later the player was back, in training camp, and eventually made the team.

Now during the regular season, its a different story.