Survivorman: Tiger-Cats Edition

Anyone on this site watch Survivorman?

I think Les Shroud should do a documentary on surviving the season as a Tiger-Cats fan. It aint easy!

I love Survivorman! Great show and a lot more real than so called "Reality TV".

He should come to Ivor Wynne on Labour Day as a member of the Blue team and do a show about trying to survive the fans. :slight_smile:

Keep the faith, buckaroos.

Remember, if things ever get desperate, you can always boil birch bark to make soup.

I really enjoy that show...I jot down some good tips occasionally for when I'm up north.

....another good one is "Dirty Jobs"....I laugh hysterically at the hosts's witty comments. :lol:

By the way....Hi Everyone!....I'm kind of lacking in time to log in lately.... :cry:

Dirty Jobs rules! Mike Rowe is the man!

LOL! It'll be like that episode in the Utah desert. He'll be wandering around IWS, vainly trying to find a drink of water.

Hope he doesn't snare that field squirrel and then eat the marrow out of its bones.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, birch-o-soup from Liptree!

Oski Weed Wee,