Survey on the CFL & The Import Rule

Hey football fans! I am currently conducting a survey concerning peoples' attitudes towards certain policies such as the CFL Import Rule... check out the link below (it takes 10 minutes to complete). This survey is part of my curriculum in Sports Business Psychology, feel free to e-mail me any questions or comments!

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Concordia ?

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Of all the rules in the CFL, I think the import rule is probably one of the more intriguing rules presently. Overall, I agree with the concept and many other leauges such as European hockey and basketball leagues and Japanese baseball, have similar such rules to have home bred content guaranteed positions. But I do meet people in this country, not real CFL fans I might add, who think that this rule should not exist and cheapens the integrity of calling the CFL a professional league. I don't see it that way but I do think that a full-blown discussion like this would be very interesting, to hear from all sides of the argument.

I like the idea, Americans dominate too much (at everything) we need some home grown talent displayed. Half and Half is about fair.

We have 24 Colleges/Universities that have football teams.

Compare that to the hundreds of U.S. college teams.

Each CFL team needs about 24 non-imports under current rules. With 8 teams, that = 192 players that must come from the Canadian system, or, are Canadian citizen’s that attend a U.S. college.

If the league expands to 10 teams, that will mean our development system must produce another 48 players.

So, the big question is what is the league doing to promote our system at the high school and college level to ensure that these numbers can be maintained?

I think the CFL should keep the import rule. However with expansion to ten teams the starting Canadian number maybe should drop to six as there won’t be enough quality players to go around. For every starter the coaches have to have a good backup.
Also with the NFL skimming off the what would be the top 1 or 2 starting Canadians per team, I’m still in favour of allowing each team have a player with say seven years in the league be classified as a non-imort.
Any player who is good enough to play that long is something special for the league and should get a break.

Good point about highschool ball. When I played for the Colts in the early 80's, we played NFL rules, and as far as I know, that has not changed in high school. Community ball, OTOH, uses CFL rules.

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So, the big question is what is the league doing to promote our system at the high school and college level to ensure that these numbers can be maintained?
Not sure how much exactly the league can do. Offer coaching clinics and kids programs, yes, these are ideas. But I think that Canadian universities really might have to start offering full athletic scholarships much more so than what is now the case, to get more kids interested away from hockey, hockey, hockey in this country. I mean, even as much as I love the CFL, if I had an athletic kid who could play hockey well and football also, if there was any chance at all he could play major junior hockey, I'd get his ass out of football, and quick, since his chances are better making some big time money if he makes it to the NHL. To counteract this, if we gave lots of full football scholarships, I might think twice about pulling my kid out of football unless I knew almost for sure he was NHL material. A full university scholarship is worth a fair bit of money.

The league can help to finance any high school that has either abandoned it's football program or is in the process of doing so.

It is not necessary for the league to pay for all the equipment and everything else. They just need to get the ball rolling in schools that have stopped their football programs for financial reasons. If the league can't drum up community support after putting up some money at the start, then, I guess the league has to move on to the next high school and hope for that grassroots support.

We are losing a lot of our real athletic kids in this country to the hockey thing, and this is sad since most of these guys never will make it to the NHL. Football needs to compete somewhat with hockey in this country to get the best athletes and have them stay in football, otherwise the whole import ratio will not work in the CFL since there won't be enough talent to keep it going, especially also as said above with high schools dropping football. But communities are not dropping hockey.

I think a big factor is most careers will end when they finish university or use up their eligiblity in the CJFL. Most Canadian players wont make it to the next level, especially QBs. It discourages athletes from taking up football, so they turn to other things instead of playing the game. If you are going to offer scholarships, players need to feel they will have a shot at playing professionally. It makes no sense to go to college for yrs to become a doctor or lawyer and end up at a job that is not in your field of expertise. It is a viscious circle we are talking about here, with no easy solutions.

Well, I disagree sambo, players won't care they could make it in the CFL or not if they get their university education paid for. Do you know the cost nowadays of university? You could do away the import ratio and there will be many who might stay in football with a full universtiy scholarship as opposed to playing in the CHL with no hope of going to the NHL.

The survey SHOULD be working now…

The link is:

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Wow, I didn’t think this would erupt into a huge discussion! Maybe I’ll use some of your ideas in my research discussion (don’t worry, I’ll give proper references) :slight_smile:

my 2cents:
In any professional sports league, competition rules and meritocracy is the way… UNLESS we’re talking about international competition like the soccer World Cup. In my opinion, the import rule takes away from the game by compromising the quality of football on the field. I don’t want to see the BEST Canadian player, I want to see the BEST AVAILABLE player, if he wants to move to Canada and play in the CFL, good! I used to play for the Concordia Stingers and let me tell you, CIAU football is a joke. We got beat by a high-school US team 3 yrs younger than us! So we there is a need to spice up our collegiate sports programs. As for affirmative action, I wonder how the players themselves are affected (do imports respect Canadian players the same? are they perceived as incompetent? that’ll be in the next survey) :slight_smile:


But how good was Concordia in the CIAU ? They have what one Vanier Cup appearance.

The import rule is key and makes the league that much more competitive. If the league does go to 10 teams i would like to see the ratio change.

i also like the idea that a journeyman CFL player should be considered a non-import after so many seasons. I’d say 5 seasons on active roster with a minium number of games played in each of those 5 seasons.

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