Survey: Linebacker formations

Curious to read from Als fans which formation they prefer, I encourage you to leave comments so we know the fans views from the rest.

I definitely prefer Cox-Woods-Muamba.

The more I think about it, the less I expect Venable to re-sign. He could end up in Calgary or Hamilton.


Interesting, never thought of a Woods / Maumba combo, but I still voted for Maumba / Venable.

Venable looking for a crazy amt. but I can`t see another team going higher than the Als would.

And Hebert seems to still be in the LB picture. He`s in town doing lots of Als community work and on twitter posts some of his crazy workouts.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either and it sure would be great not to have to choose but If I had to choose I think we get more with Cox----Wood----Muamba

I can’t see the Als paying Winston over 150k after one good season. Maybe they can meet in the middle on a one year contract.

No way would I play Muamba outside; he's a middle linebacker and that is where he belongs.

If we signed Muamba to be the mike backer, let him play there. I would say Cox-Muamba-Woods, with Shortill and Elsworth as the backups. I'd like to have Venable back but I have a feeling that he's priced himself out of our range.

J'ai voté pour la formation Cox, Muamba, Venable parce que la combinaison Cox-Muamba-Hebert n'était pas disponible.

Non que je souhaite que Venable quitte l'équipe, mais plutôt parce que je crois que son retour est de moins en moins probable. J'écarte Woods à ce moment-ci parce qu'il est plus souvent qu'autrement blessé pour de longues périodes de temps. Un moment donné, on doit bâtir une unité autour de joueurs-clés et ça ne peut se faire avec quelqu'un qui est constamment absent. Woods est un joueur de premier plan lorsqu'il joue. Son problème est qu'il ne joue pas assez souvent.

C'est pourquoi je crois que Hebert va revenir en 2016 et qu'il va sans doute clore l'unité avec Muamba au milieu de la ligne. La présence de Muamba donne de la flexibilité dans l'alignement et je crois qu'il a envie de montrer qu'il mérite ce qu'on lui verse.


Its about the Hair isn't it... :lol:

Another option would be to go 3-4; but that require a prototype NT.
Can anyone think of an option in FA??????????????????

We already run a 3-4 alignment for certain play packages and down/distances to defend. Full-time 3-4? I'll pass. Nobody has been able to make that work in this league in the post-Trestman/Hufnagel era.

Everything that gets old eventually becomes new again in pro sports; with a new spin of some sort.

Well, to do it full-time you need a legit nose tackle, as you said, and we don't have one. Nor do those types of players grow on trees. And anyway, we frequently walk one of the DEs up to the line in an open stance, which is basically a 3-4 look, since the other team has to account for rushes coming from different angles and the possibility of one end dropping off into backside contain or flat coverage.

Thorpe used a 3/4 alignment frequently last season.

It was Cox and Venable outside, and Kyries Hebert would be the additional Mike, alongside Woods, Ellsworth, Shortill, or Muamba, depending on who was not injured. One of those 4 LBs would also blitz, so it was always a four man rush coming at the opposing QB.

That alignment I didn't mind.

The less said, however, about Thorpe's fascination with a three man rush on second and long, the better.

[i]MadJack has a very good point. With Muamba's skill set, he has a bigger impact as a middle linebacker.

For the money the Als are paying him, it would be a waste to use him as an outside linebacker on the short side of the field. This is the "least" important, and most easy role to fill of the 3 linebacker positions in the CFL; in Johnny's opinion. You need a special hybrid type to play outside linebacker on the wide side. And, you need a stud in the middle.

Muamba belongs in the middle as the "general" and backbone of the defence. [/i]

for the real Old-timers, they may remember playing Carl Crenel at OL (after years of outstanding ML play) when Tom Cousineau was signed. Crennel's contributions took a big dip out of position.

your off base a bit on this one. close but no cigar. when #45 tom cousineau was signed in 1978 he played OLB and #72 crennel was the MLB. in 1979 crennel (CC) was traded to edmonton and #45 then moved to MLB!! montreal played a 3-4 last season with #91 playing the NT position. laurent or hall or laing or atkinson or any other FA that DC thorpe wants HC/GM to sign to play NT/DT or wait to draft a NT/DT or sign an A NT/DT in the states. in a standard 4-3 set I believe OLB #11-MLB #50-OLB #31(if re-signed-if not then #34). a 3-4 would be OLB#11-MLB#50-MLB#48-OLB #31 or OLB #34. as to what happens with MLB #41 that gets determined at TC. all the other C LBs are back-ups and STs players.

#30 LB/DE/FB has re-signed for 1 more year with the alouettes.

No mention of Kyler Ellsworth in the mix. I thought that he played well taking over for Bear Woods until he got injured.

He did, might be why the Als are in no mood to what they feel is overpay Winston.