Survey: CFL gaining popularity in Canada AND U.S.A.

[u]Survey shows CFL is Canada's Number 2 sport, and growing in the U.S.[/u]

[b]A new survey indicates that interest in the Canadian Football League is surpassed only by hockey in this country and that the league is gaining traction from both young Canadians and Americans.

A survey of 4,000 Canadians and 4,000 Americans, conducted online by University of Lethbridge sociologist Reginald Bibby through Vision Critical, shows that 26 per cent of Canadians say they follow the CFL either "very closely" or "fairly closely." That compares with 46 per cent interest in the NHL, 23 per cent in the NFL, 22 per cent in Major League Baseball, 12 per cent in the NBA and 9 per cent in MLS soccer.

The survey also shows that 10 per cent of Americans say they follow the CFL, which may surprise a few people considering the league's lack of presence south of the border.
Equally satisfying to the league is the revelation that the game is attracting younger followers. In the U.S., for example, the strongest interest comes from those under the age of 35.

Almost one in four Americans who say they closely follow NCAA football, also say they closely follow the CFL. Among NCAA fans under 35, 45 per cent say they follow the CFL, too.[/b]

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Well, we always knew the CFL was second in Canada. I just assumed it was by a wider margin. 22% for the MLB? Who is watching baseball? The Blue Jays haven't made the postseason in over 20 years.

Remember once reading a CFL game in Nashville had higher viewership in the Nashville area on the same day that the Predators were playing a game and televised locally there as well. Ok, Nashville is a much better team now but that tells you something.

Sorry, but surveys like this mean nothing. It’s like the survey last November that asked Canadians if they were going to watch the Grey Cup, people nodded their heads and said yes of course but in the end the only survey that counted was the TV ratings which said that 15% of TSN viewers actually watched the Grey Cup rather than the 40% of all Canadians who claimed in a survey they were going to watch the GC.
To say that interest in the CFL is growing in popularity? - show me in attendance figures and TV ratings, not in a survey where people pay lip service to surveys.

its nice to dream, but I don't buy it, sigh

Well if you don’t buy it from a higher education academic institution, full accredited Canadian university where tenure is on the line and integrity and academic reputation, where you might send your kids to for a fully recognized BA or BSc or Masters or PhD, well, what the f… can I say my man. :roll:
Of course any study especially moreso social sciences than hard sciences, can be dissected and analyzed for flaws, bias etc. but still, as I say… Like who are you and what are your credentials compared with a university prof? We are not talking a local rag like the Globe or Star or any other poppy press out there with no peer-review process in line. Poppy press, the editor likes it, it’s published, end of story. Peer reviewed publications is an entirely different gestalt.

Some people need to learn what publication bias REALLY IS. It’s bad enough in academia, imagine the poppy go-for-the-bang thingy in the poppy press! Yikes! My buddy who worked in the poppy press and who was very academic said you can get ahead with no post secondary degree or diploma as long as you suck up to the local radio station, local newspaper, not so local radio station, not so local newspaper big shots manager types (who aren’t very academic let me tell ya) and make big six figures. Basically with not much more than a high school certificate can get you a long way in terms of salary.

A short discourse of publication bias and believe me, there is a lot more written on this subject, let me tell ya!

I am not questioning the institution, just the interpretation of the results and the truthfulness of the respondents surveyed

This site for example is following the way of the dodo bird, and 13thman. I don't see many new young people signing up. I haven't seen any mention of there being a rise in attendance, due mostly to young people.

What surveys say often does not indicate reality. Did you know about all those surveys that said Clark had no chance of becoming BCs premier. They were done by reputable institutions and firms.

FYB, if you really want to be respected by those with far greater education and credential than little ol' me, respond to the survey in academia circles. On a sports site or some poppy press site for comments on an article, who the f...k respects that from as close to the truth as is possible unless the people commenting don't even have a clue what academia means. All I'm saying.

This is an excellent example of how academia works with respect to publication and press in something quite scientific but close to home for many of use. Very confusing for everyone to be quite honest but read this, its' excellent from the NHS albeit again, there is bias. That sneaky word 'bias', it invades evidence from just about every angle.

No evidence 'cocktail of everyday chemicals' causes cancer

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And the bottom line people, if you go to your local cancer treatment facility in Canada and they tell you you are being treated according to the best evidence clinical practice guidelines - BE WARY, BE VERY WARY. Not saying it's "bad medicine" but is it really the most "cutting edge" medicine for your problem where your problem might involve practice guidelines suggesting treatment that might only reduce a percentage point or two of morbidity at the cost of a percentage point or two in favour of mortality? hmm....

For those really interested, here here are some really "biased" :wink: evidence debates in academia medicine from Dr. Victor Montori. I attended the second debate. And again, it has to do with how we trust what we read especially in the peer reviewed literature from a medical aspect which of course can be extended to many areas of human knowledge ie. gnosis. But of course, not the end all and be all. It's just that presently we are living in an era where clinical practice guidelines (Cancer Care Ontario basically lives by these guidelines that are written by oncologists and epidemiologsists and this is a McMaster research program that Cancer Care Ontario contracts out to, ie. lots of money involved) and evidence based whatever is ruling the roost. But should it and to what extent?

Yup, if the survey revealed that the CFL has dropped in popularity , then of course people then would be quote this very same survey as be corrected, but anything positive on the CFL, forget it can't be right

Aw, you can come up with statistics to prove anything. Forty percent of all people know that.

Those numbers pretty much just mirror what TV ratings surveys and attendance numbers show anyways. I guess the US data are something new and interesting.

I think 90% of people on here knew you were going to say that...

You missed the part "young Canadians" ?

Maybe the CFL will become more popular than the NHL in the States. You never know, they do love football down there.

I noticed lots of young fans at the Montreal game tonight.

This survey showed that in the U.S. 22% of under 35's follow the CFL "very closely" or "fairly closely"...a higher percentage than of Canadian 18-34's. Professor Bibby suggests the surge of CFL popularity among U.S. youth is due to the internet.

10% of Americans follow the CFL which equates to about 34 million fans...about equal the total population of Canada. So we can see what a juggernaut American football fans could be for the CFL's fortunes.

This survey is much more valid than most in Canada due to it's large database (4,000), which will be much more accurate than Angus Reid's usual 1,000 respondents in national surveys. Some may claim the professor is a liar and the survey bogus but I guess we could make that claim about any survey. Most surveys are commissioned by a group, business or political party but no credible polling agency is going to release false information (other than perhaps asking a leading question). The company's press release might be misleading but I doubt the polling agency would be at fault.

I've heard reports that the CFL ratings for ESPN3 online streaming have been tremendous, even matching or exceeding ESPN2 on cable...into the 6-figures.

So let's not worry that we're not worthy, the CFL is worthless or Canada is worthless compared to the almighty U.S. of A. Canadian football is tremendous entertainment. The game tonight between the league's two worst teams was terrific right down to the final whistle. Canadian football must be good to have survived and thrived in this country for 150 years and longer...while the Canadian Baseball League, Basketball League, Soccer League, Lacrosse League, Hockey League, etc., have all fallen by the wayside...while the good 'ole CFL is still going strong and stronger than ever! :thup:

With ESPN covering games it should get more popular in USA, UK and Ireland. There are some Irish fans that have posted on the Rider thread ( Green is the colour). Long ways to go though.