Surprize for Gades Fans - Sep 8th

Ok Gades fans... this post is a hot one... Some (hopefully great) news coming from the Gades Office for Season Ticket Holders and possibly a new season-ticket campaign...

I sent the office an email and received a reply... see below

Hopefully going to pack the rest of FCS... here goes:

[i]Sent: August 17, 2005 8:01 AM
Subject: This Season


In a June 6th note from the President he commented that

– Quote –

our ownership group is committed to you, our loyal fans and to making this team a successful one on and off the field. We will also be announcing exclusive specials for our season ticket holders in the coming weeks.

– Unquote –

May I ask how and when these exclusive specials will be announced?
What happened with the promotions for 2005 tickets?
Wasn’t there trips and deals offered with a quick renew?

I think I had my renew form for a week before getting it back to you in Jan… If only 4500 returned… what were the results of the 2005 campaign?

I also have some concerns on the amount of open seats around me CC… The ownership group has done some good things with the $99 deal but they have not concentrated on others areas of the stands. In fact, prior to the Sask game, at a couple of games, I was the only 2 seats occupied in row 6 of CC…

Now that the team is playing some of the best ball they have in a long time, Lonnie needs to get away from the bad press of Mardi Gras with the city. How about starting his 2006 season ticket campaign with a deal that new season ticket holders can get a deal on the remaining home games for 2005, current season ticket holders can also reserve their 2006 tickets by dropping a minimal deposit.

Offer a season ticket discount card… (i.e. BC Lions Orange Card)
Discuss a deal with OCTranspo that season ticket holders can use their “card� 2 hours before and 3 hours after on game day for a ride to FCS. Many fans are using the little or no parking excuse around FCS as a reason to stay away.
Get some local restaurants onside to offer a 10% discount on food or free appetizer/entrée on game nights.

Get creative and bring some of the Ottawa Rough Rider history/memories back to the Renegades to win back the older RR fans. Offer up some limited edition player cards. Give Chen his 250K for the rights to the RR and have the Renegades take home field in the RR colors after all the white R could mean Renegades too.

I’m not using the RR as a reason to stay away from my CFL fix… I hope Lonnie has some interesting stuff coming up.


In response to this email... this is what I recevied back from the Gades org:

[i]From: Davyd Balloch []
Sent: August 17, 2005 6:58 PM
Subject: RE: This Season

Wait until the season ticket announcement on Sep 8, wow[/i]

Wonder what Lonnie is cooking now...

hmm...i'm interested now

not the old R helmet...please dont 'ugly-up' the team....

maybe just the old rough rider moustache-man from '95...thats it tho!

Common guys, Lonnie's gonna announce on sept8th that he's getting married to one of the cheerleaders... And the weddings gonna be at half time of the game 1 of 06....

please... get with the program!

Btw I love how a fan of the team writes in and makes the effort to put some constructive thoughts in an email to the public relations person of the team and he get that type of response... pretty weak...

And for 1 thing I hope they don't start messing around with the RR crap... We're winning... let's just move on!

moved_da_sticks, some really good ideas there. Hopefully they will get some consideration. I especially like your idea for new ticket holders to purchase the rest of this season's games, as well as 2006 tickets.

Might be good for the 'Gades to try the 2- or 3-year renewal program that the Ti-Cats have been pretty successful with. Gives the team a little more money to play with up front.

I would love to see the old 'R' back on the helmet. Maybe with the new Renegade man too, bringing the past and the present together. Or, they could have them reserved as Retro jerseys, which they only use a couple times a year. Either way, it can only help sell tickets.

Would have been nice if you got more of a response from the 'Gades, but hopefully that's just an indication that something really good is coming. Hope so.

Go Gades!

Hey... its my thoughts that they are just so damm busy with the new season ticket campaign and the goodies they are prepareing and don't want to let the cat out of the bag. I know that if I was in Davyd's place, I would want to show my hand and take away Lonnie's thunder (announcement).

I hope its big too...


YES !!! Bring back the "R" on the helmet, and I don't give a s##@ what MM says.

IT's all about looking forward!!!

I'm a ottawa fan so it's not like I don't like the R... I had season tix back then too. All I'm saying is the current logo and name is a step forward...

IF they want to buy the rights of the R and have a throwback jersey and uniform for special events or even the R on a shoulder to salute the past.... I'm in. But to drop the Renegade logo with the cool Canadian maple leaf backdrop would be unfortunate...

You see the Gades helmet and you know this is the Canadian Football League...

I agree MM. I had tickets back in the "logger" days in the early 90's.
The new logo is vibrant and is really cool. It's one of the best logos in any sport, in my opinion.
While we should acknowledge the past of this city's football heritage (with a heritage jersey or shoulder patch, maybe), we should not go back to it.
This is the future and I, among others have embraced it!

So Sept 8th has past and the orriginal message was there there was to be some sort of special announcement…

What was it?

I have some inside sources and they told me Ottawa will be blown away by the news, mind you it is a one day offer so save your dollars now.

Moscow what is the news?? Its after Sept 8th and no announcement.
Move da Sticks great ideas I know I used my Lions Orange Card when I lived out west. See you at the Winnipeg game.

My “guess” is, if they actually do have something planned they will announce it after a victory. Announcing something now would do nothing…people are upset !

We received a new offer at work from Davyd the 'Gades rep, you received a mail from:

Looks like VIP tickets (75$) will be 37.50$ and the 25$ tickets ar now 20$.

That the deal we got at work, I already ordered 10 VIP tickets for the Al's game in October :slight_smile: