It was weird to see that Durant couldn't get anything going in the first quarter. Must be shaking off some rust.

Dinwiddie sure looked great. Kind of surprising. He was really building momentum until the interception.

Bergquist looked okay. I wasn't too crazy about him.

Smith was just awful. And the receivers helping him out were just as bad. They lost us the game.

Oh well, it's all good. Just a preseason. Shame Fairooz got hurt. :expressionless:

yup, it happens and I'm not all that surprised.

Don't think that too many people should look into this too deeply.

I was surprised that Smith played so poorly, or rather made poor decisions. but he didn't have the starting offence like dinwiddie (is that how you spell his name?) anywho, he played that poor then how bad was reesing to get cut over him? oddly from most reports smith was doing well in camp so far.

it didn't seem like cates or durant had much to show, but they weren't in there much. for all the hype about farooz he didn't do much will on the field.

the big players were simpson, clermont, dinwiddie and dressler. bagg and rodriguez did well as well.

keep in mind it is only the first preseason game, but the d-line was pretty solid on the run but seemed to to lack some pass rush when the D didn't blitz.

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Durant did alright when he was in, he did have one TD called back on a nice play to Dressler. Hard to judge much as he really wasn’t in the game for long. He should be fine. You also have to remember that as the game goes along the quality of the team and opponent decrease very quickly. Smith did look quite bad, but he was also playing with scraps for the most part, lots of backups so it’s tough to tell if maybe someone ran the wrong route or if his blocking was poor, etc.

It was a combination of Durant rust and BC playing well. Darian will be fine. IF Dinwiddie can continue to play well, it will be an excellent insurance policy for the team. I suspect the coaches will be working on cutting down the penalties in camp this week. Losing 14 points hurts.

I didn't see too much to write home about but there were some highlights. I was impressed to see Clermont's performance - maybe all these young guys in camp have lit a fire - hope he can have a good season (if he doesn't get cut.) Weston Dressler looked good. He was wide open on that called back TD. Dinwiddie also had an impressive showing until he threw that interception - bad one.

It will be interesting to see who didn't survive the cut.

Yeah I kept in mind the whole game that this is preseason and its really just a practice game, but I guess I have just been missing football so long that I was a bit disappointed in my first taste after what feels like forever. I think Durant was probably playing with minimal effort - he wouldn't want to get hurt. Come July he will be back to his old self.

I agree that Dinwiddie is a nice insurance policy right now. He was arguably the best today (keeping in mind BC's effort and the receivers he had playing for him). I think if Dinwiddie keeps up the good work we won't have to worry too much if Durant gets outed for a bit. Hopefully he will become a solid back up.

Although it is true that Smith had scraps playing for him, I still think he made some bad decisions. But that could just be lack of experience. One thing I was kind of hoping to see was his mobility. He is supposed to be a fair runner.. I was thinking he might show that off a bit if his receivers weren't working out.

The defense was pretty interesting to watch. Barrin Simpson definitely has my confidence. Although we really didn't go after sacks as much as we could have, we were pretty effective against Lulay and Parrish. Lulay was surprisingly bland. Printers was still able to dance around us.

It was nice to see our receivers having no rust on them. Dressler seemed to be back to his old self, especially in the touchdown that was called back. He has his speed still. Rodriguez was fairly impressive, I can see him being a key player. I was excited to see Fairooz play until he went and banged up his ankle. If these injuries are prone we might be best to cut him.

I wanted to see more Dorsey, as he was used sparingly and what was shown wasn't much at all, if anything. Although I have to say our back up kick returners are fairly talented. I'm keeping an eye on Eley. He has some potential.

Reesing hit every receiver in training camp. He was awesome, but only 5'11. The only reason Smith made the team was because he is a 6'5 Lefty who can throw the ball a mile. Smith is a work in progress to say the least.

FYI - DD is 5'11 214 lb.

Suprising - Reading the main page of I found out that Clermont scored his first TD as a Rider on Sunday.

He wasn't used in 2009, ticked me off personally. Actually had two yesterday, one called back, but the point is they were using him. Even Dinwiddie's INT was meant for Clermont. Miller said he had a great camp. I hope this is a sign of the times in 2010, for Clermont, when he hangs them up I hope it's on a high note!

It looks to me as though Dinwiddie will step in as no. 2, at least to start the season. I saw good potential in the other qb's (and arguably better natural talent than Dinwiddie), but they'll need much more game experience to get their timing down and to step in to be effective.

i don't think it was that clermont wasn't 'used' last year, i think it was that they didn't know HOW to use him. Clermont is a possession receiver. he will get the yards you need but isn't a speedster who can break a big one with pure quickness. yes he can occasionally score on a long ball, but this usually happens when either the defense misses their reads or clermont exploits a weakness in the defensive scheme. BUT, a big but, this only works if the quarterback can see these defensive mistakes as well. and this usually takes a veteran QB. so then clermont becomes the possession guy which he has made a all star career out of. the only problem with being this type of receiver is that the ball has to get to you right on your cut, which durant had a big problem with in his first year. you'll notice most of durant's passes are tossed as the play has already developed (and some times his receivers have to make circus catches) where as if he had the ball in the air just when the receiver breaks or cuts from his defender then clermont would of gotten WAY more catches, not unlike in BC playing with seasoned QBs. so hopefully with durant having a year under his helmet he'll read the defenses quicker.