Surprising Depth Chart for Friday

After reading this week about Rodriguez practising, Beveridge's injury, and maybe getting a look at a new returner, the only change on the 46 man depth chart for Friday is Beswick on and Glavic off.

Checking the depth chart against the roster, as a happened before, they don't match! Roster is showing Beveridge on the injured list and Glavic still one of the 46.

Ok, I get the minor inconsistency with the way Beveridge is listed differently on the two lists, but I'm missing as to what is surprising about the depth chart.

I don't see any surprises there at all.

Knock 'em dead Dylan!
No.. really. :rockin:


Top of this page, under "Team."
The depth chart has now been corrected to match the roster.

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How about AB3 in third behind Bauman. Great to see barker in the middle.

It says that every week.

I'd like to see McIntyre at DE, not DT.


I agree Red24....McIntyre has great speed off the edge...he's better suited on the outside. :cowboy:

Mac Intyre will likely line up up as a 4th linebacker, as he did last week.

Sooo pumped that Dylan Barker is in. Now he gets a chance to show his stuff. Good things will happen

I was hoping to see PRod on today's chart. The D better be geared up to stop the run. Their RB killed us in their two wins this year.