Hi everyone. Long term CFL fan. Lurker for a while viewing a few posters and their take on their teams. Decided to become active.

So at the halfway point here are my surprises/highlights.

-Fall of Kent Austin: Reminds me of when Tiger woods kept messing around with his swing. Then forgot where he put it. Austin seemingly could not help himself from continually tearing apart and rebuilding his team. Lost his coaches and forgot that you need a good O-line. This is a real mess.
-Matt Nichols: Shocks me how well he’s playing. LaPolice has reinvented the planned roll-out with him. He has inserted himself squarely in MOP discussion imo.

Anybody have others?

Welcome to the forums, everyman! I've been impressed by the closeness of the games at the start of the season (the gap is definitely widening now). It's been an exciting year.

Thanks Sully.
Yes this has been the best season for awhile. The closeness of games have been great and I'm happy to see the league go down to one challenge per game.
Probably just a coincidence but it seems the reduction of challenges has coincided somewhat with the recent widening of results.
The other surprise I have is Sask and their approach. Their speed is tremendous and bringing in true athletes, with speed and tenacity, even teaching new positions for them is interesting.
And Jones seemingly knows how to handle a guy like Duron Carter who I think may have ADHD. Keep him busy...receiving, rushing, returner...even some defense. One on one on defense ...those 50/50 balls may be tougher with him back there at times.

I'm surprised by the officiating, the new commissioner and the quality of play.

I have been a vocal critic of the officiating in the league for several seasons, but this year has been excellent. Yes there has been some questionable calls, but nowhere near the quantity of bad calls we had had previously. The on field guys are doing a great job this season. Video review is another story.

Love that the commissioner is listening to fans. The change in coaches challenges is proof of that. He's off to a good start.

Quality of play has been light years ahead of what we have seen in the first half of previous seasons. The gap between east and west is still a disappointment, but the quality of the actual games has been good.

For the first time in a long time we are going into Labour Day with far more positives than negatives.

Bakari Grant is showing to being a far more reliable player then I thought he could.....