Name a player on your team that has surprised you, and one that has disappointed.

Well, I’ll go with the easy mode pick. Surprised at how well Masoli did and how poorly LeFevour did in the pre-season game. We’ll see who is the heir apparent this week in TO.

Surprised: Brett Swain, liked this guy during Seahawks pre-season games and was quite happy that we took a chance on him, his first TD from Durant was very “Dressler-esque” on that corner route. I hope he sticks.

Disappointed: All Running backs that played in Saturdays game, no one stood out and if the same holds true this Saturday Runningback will be a HUGE question mark going into Week 1.

Pleasantly surprised with Ryan Hinds, simply put great game, POW in regular season, hope it keeps up.

Disapointed with Pat White and special teams, hope to see big improvements in both.

Agree with those @Hammer ... I'll add pleasantly surprised with LaMark Brown #80 at the X-Rec-Spot for the TiCats and disappointed in #46 FB C.O. Prime but will cut him some slack since he's transitioning positions.

Surprised: DB Chris Smith, WR Kyle Graves
Disappointed: LB Diamond Ferri

Impressed with masoli and not to happy with LeFevour.

But didn't LeFevour play against stronger competition during that game? IIRC, Masoli was very effective, but only against the Als' third-string players...

Not necessarily on my teams but...Very impressed with how Durant looked. He could be in for a monster year with a whole new level of confidence. Think the GC win will be huge or him.
Was disappointed in Pat White. Just looked lost in all facets with a long wobbly arm.

Prime is obviously a good football player being able to come out of an NFL camp your rookie season and get right on the roster is hard to do. They are just looking at him as a FB does not mean it will work out. He still will be among the special teams full time player and may just be better off going back to LB. He also could just be used strickly as a blocker in a short yardage i formation. Who knows

Not really a surprise but Kilgore looked awesome as the Riders MLB.
Would be very concerned with Sunseri. I know it is just pre season and he could still be a good QB in the CFL but being the main back up in just his second pro season he did not look comfortable. Can'tplace a Drew Willy tag on him. Willy had other pro expereinces and took those expereinces with him and was already knowledgable about the CFL.

I’m surprised as well that the Esks have Hinds as starting safety.Back in 2011 in a game ironically against the Esks,the Cats switched Hinds from corner to safety with disasterous results.I remember the game vividly sitting in Ivor Wynne watching Messam run over Hinds like a freight train all game,scoring 3 TDs and rushing for around close to 140 yds on the night.In the air Fred Stamps torched the middle of the secondary against Hinds catching 11-12 passes up the seam and finishing up with about 150 yds in receptions for the night.BTW that was the last time the Cats had Hinds playing safety for them.Outside of that one game I always liked Hinds but as a corner not a safety,glad to hear he is working out for you guys there this season.

Agreed that he was a good corner for us before his injury. He took a while to recover from that, which I think cost him his job in Hamilton. And yes, I do remember that game, although I don't remember whether he started the game at safety or moved there because of an early injury. Either way, it was a new position for him and he looked a bit lost. Also, Messam had a tendency to run over even the biggest players that year, if I recall.

Safety is easier to play than corner. Far less coverage responsibilities and almost no man coverage duty, far more instinctive position than corner or half. If he was being run over by Messam 'like a freight train all game' that's fair criticism of the player, but a bigger indictment of the front 7 (or possibly defensive playcalls) to be allowing the back into the 2nd and 3rd levels with such regularity. You should not be relying on your safety as a key component of stopping the run. Certainly he has a role against the run, but not a regular key component on over half the non-short yardage downs. Not in Canada anyways.

And how many folks in the Rider forum were all in consensus that it was time to let Willy go, Sunseri is definitely the guy …

And personally I never said he was any good or bad. I simply don’t make judgments, let alone bet the farm, on guys who only get 7 snaps in mop up time.

Hinds did have a very good resume coming to the CFL being a top starting CB at 1AA New Hampshire and did earn a starting spot in Hamilton before injured. Moving to safety at the start of TC makes a difference and so far it looks very good move for him. Also I would watch for another starting CB from Duke in Chris Rwabukama who was an all ACC CB and alos was part of that starting National CB spot while in Hamilton. Also has been moved to safety in Edmonton. For Chris Jones defense who likes his movable parts he gets two National DBs to play safety that have expereince as CB as well.
They unloaded Alexander and released Shea Pierre so it looks like these two guys are going to be key for the Esks defense as Safety being a ratio spot with really no drop off from any international who could play the position on the roster.