Surprised at Dominguez

During the Ticat/Rider game the sideline reporter was interviewing Matt Dominguez about his injury. He said, "Thanks to the Canadian health care system, I'm still on a waiting list for my surgery."

I find it strange that a guy who plays in Saskatchewan -- the birthplace of universal healthcare -- would make a remark like that. People in Saskatchewan are fiercely proud of Tommy Douglas and his historic accomplishment, and well they should be. For an American who relies on the support of those people to bad-mouth the system we have here seems oddly out of place.

If he is unhappy with his plight, he's more than welcome to remove himself from the waiting list, go back where he came from and pay for the surgery there. Otherwise he should just consider himself lucky that he's in a country whose taxpayers are willing to foot the bill for him.

I saw the thread on it in the Ticat forum but im not going to say anything negative about him until I see the interview myself, im not going to jump to a conclusion.

I saw that. Good point BigDave. I never really gave it a thought that players have to wait like the rest of us in Canada.Interesting. I wonder if Wayne Gretzky would of had to wait?

Interesting. Would someone be able to upload the interview? Ro? :smiley:

If anyone has ever lost family(3)to the Ill effects of an inadequate medicare system and the waiting lists for surgery, I can certainly understand why he made that comment.

As for the "GO back Home" theory, he lives in Regina year round and a taxpayer so your argument holds no water.

The wait times are ridiculous for anything deemed 'non-life threatening' like his surgery would be.

He has every right to complain ... I wish more people would.

As far the Tommy Douglas thing, he would be rolling over in his grave if he saw the state of our healthcare today.

tommy douglas = NDP= yucccckkky peukey peuke

I agree with you guys. It’s great that we universal health care…at least we have it in theory. What I find so reassuring is that our federal politicians have been telling us since the early 90’s that they are working on a plan to improve Medicare.

…must be one helluva plan by now…

The health care system is a joke, and he’s right about the waiting lists. Some people have to wait 2 years to get knee or hip surgery. It’s freaking pathetic. All those people who bring up Douglas…grow up. What he envisioned is no where close to what we have. A mixed private/public system is the only way to go.

Do you think NHL players wait for surgery? No. I wonder how they get things done so fast? Probably send players to the US and pay for it out of pocket, you think?

I don't see other teams having to wait for players to undergo surgery. Maybe the Riders should have a bake sale and bottle drive to pay for Dominquez to go to the US because they probably can't afford it. Either that or they don't value his services and Tillman is too cheap to pay.

The one thing about this is, he has to wait just like anyone else does, and he should NOT be given preferrential treatement because he plays for the Riders. The health care system is what it is, and we ALL have to be treated fairly. If you think they dont have wait times in the States, just go down there and tell them you DON'T have the cash for surgery, and see how long of a wait you have.

you know why hockey players get it so fast? because the teams can afford to pay the bill!

you don't realize that the Saskatchewan Roughriders can't just put out the thousands that it costs for the surgery the very next day!

he has to wait!

and GOOD on Dominguez for his comment! I would have said it too!

he has every right to say what he Said!

Saw it and you can't really blame the guy for speaking the truth.
That's what "free" universal health care is all about!

...kind of a strange comment about a man voted most popular Canadian politician EVER....shows where your head is.... in the uniformed minority ....... :lol: :lol:

I'm a rider fan but for Matt if he wanted US style health care he should have purchased Private medical insurance from the US. I know that most of the tradespeople I know working here on Visa have - it's just smart business.

And yes the BC NDP bashing. Corporate profits skyrocketing - Individual debt the highest in our countries history - we are working more hours then ever before - inflation running so high most folks would need $5 per hour raises just to have the same spending power of 2 years ago.

We are the California of the North and once Business has run its course it will be time to invest in Pawn shops lol

oh and here is a question I am sure only the finest trivia buff will know

Are CFL players covered under WCB if injured during the course of employment?

Would a CFL player be considered a Private contractor or a direct employee of the team? It would make a huge difference in what benefits players are intilted to. I am assuming they would be deemed Private contractors and as such have no access to WCB unless they purchase it?

No see papa, that greatest canadian poll was a joke since pierre trudeau was on the list and don cherry. see i voted for a man named Fredrick Banting, you know a guy that has saved lives every day million of lives. not a crusty old Pruminister that tried to destroy the West with the NEP, and in his younger days wrote in a Communist newspaper way to go trudeau.

and Tommy Douglas was a peer NDP and other then coming up with some health care crap, everyone thinks hes god ooooooo wow tommy douglas was just another NDP tree hugger save the planet maroon

We have private clinics in BC and I know the Lions players can get an MRI or orthscopic surgery done within hours. Not sure if this is queque jumping, but many of the injured are Americans who are allowed to purchase private medical insurance coverage in Canada, unlike Canadians.

Actually he was voted Greatest Canadian ever. And I'm not surprised at corneskers' attitude - he's from Alberta :wink:

First - use English please. Second stop skipping school and dig in and open your mind. You may actually learn something of value.

Canadians voted Tommy the Greatest Canadian. You are entitled to your opinion as are we the overwhelming majority of Canadians. To in an unsolicited move call Tommy Douglas a Moron shows no class or respect. What have you personally done for this country that gives you the right to insult Tommy Douglas in such manner?

You represent the right wing side very well!