Surprise Tim Burke ne Argo DC

I believe this transaction was made before the season ended by word of mouth. Burke knew he was on the way out and SM knew Jones would be leaving. Tim Burke probably has the best DC record in the league over the past several years and should give the Argo defense a shot in the arm. Every Coach has a shelf life in sports, some shorter than others. So I like the move Burke for Jones. If Milanovich keeps winning he will be looking at big pay days down south and I was hoping Mike O'Shea would be his eventual replacement. But for now Scott as HC, Brady as OC and Burkie as DC looks pretty good to me for 2014.

I had a feeling O'Shea and Jones would be gone this off-season. NO surprise what soever about Burke being our new DC. I love that move. You are right about SM -should the Argos keep up this winning he'll likely become an OC at least in the NFL.

I'm not a huge fan of Brady calling our O, we need to run more often. Our future Head Coach in my opinion could be Jason Maas or Stephen MacDoo coming back as HC.

I don't think (and hope) that SM will be leaving anytime soon. Of course if they drop a boatload of cash on him I guess he'd go. But hard to go from a HC position to an assistant.

I haven't found any confirmed source, but Milanovich signed a 2 year deal with an option when he left Montreal. Therefore signing him through 2013 with an option for next year.

As we all know, he signed a contract extension last November, I assume he signed through 2014 with an option for 2015. Both Jim Barker and Ricky Ray are signed through 2015. Coincidence? Hopefully that means we have Scott for at least two more years with Ray and Barker and can get another GC victory.

After that, both Barker and Ray may decide to retire and Milanovich very likely could jump to the NFL at just 42 years of age.

At that point, there could be a plethora of young guns ready to be HC. Steinauer, MacDoo, Maas, Mark Washington and M. Brady to name a few.