Surprise released players

The problem for VY, in part because of his age was that the expectations were ridiculous. Really he was set up to fail. No QB can pick up this game in 3 weeks.

Well said BUT they paid him big, not that big, but a nice Compensation for the tryout.
Between $50,000 and $80,000 which would include all expenses.
Now that's not nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT free advertising so???????????

No obsessiveness. Just a question.

Thanks for the answer.

Willy was aquired in a midseason trade last year...............Guess you missed it since you Bummer fans were partying it up.

Now there is a 100% fabrication.

[url=] ... ing-bonus/[/url]
Vince Young’s contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders could see him make up to $200,000 a season – but does not include a signing bonus.

Guess our scouts, Li'l Abner & Gomer Pyle missed scouting Willy in the NCAA combines. Bernie Taman & the rider brain-trust found him in a southern scrap heap fwiw!

Okay much like brihind , this will also be the last time I mention VY . :slight_smile:

Speaking of photos of him arriving in Regina here's a final photo of Vince Young leaving Regina after Corky dropped him off at the local Bus Terminal with a one way ticket back to Texas after his release . :slight_smile: :lol:

Here are some other notable cuts whom I think would be good catches by other teams including especially when players are injured through July:

Montreal: DB Jovon Johnson

Calgary: QB Mitchell Gale

Ottawa: WR Tori Gurley, RB Shakir Bell, DB Javier Arenas

Hamilton: DB Dominique Ellis

Toronto: QB Drew Willy

Saskatchewan: RB Anthony Allen

Edmonton: RB/KR Kendial Lawrence

I think Lawrence will be scooped up first; owing to his return versatility. after that Javier Arenas might toggle over to Toronto; D Willy has pretty much washed thru the league; Tori Gurley should be good to go (if healthy) should almost any team come down with a couple injuries in their WR corps; personally - he'd look best in BC cuz Jennings can really hoist the piggy - but won't be heading there unless Wally is beset by mass injuries. Anthony Allen is another decent hobo who might kick around the league for another year or so.

Javon Johnson is the biggest surprise.

That was a shocker. He is one that will be picked up for sure.

Mitch Gale was a let down here in Calgary.

I thought he would win the back up. He had a game last season for the Riders against Ottawa where he was just brilliant.
Of all the QB's he had the worst showing.
Guess he was a one hit wonder.

That is the thing about pre-season. For fans it is a long yawn.
For players it is a quarter in each 2 games and your chance is small.

What I did say was that this was a win win situation for the Riders. If they sign him & he does well it's a win. If they sign him & he doesn't make the team, it's a win because it brings massive exposure to the team & the CFL & the Riders give up $0 towards the SMS.

One thing about Young, he's been nothing but top shelf class since he signed, being 100% respectful & complimentry to the league & everyone involved.

You called it on Jovon Johnson Brihind88, who is now with Saskatchewan.

We'll see I figure by the weekend for the others also noted in my previous post.

Johnson has lost more than a step…but he offers vet experience. Thinking he sees some field side action because even with a lost step he might fair well there.

Gale…said it at the start…4th in Calgary and that is where he landed. HE is a guy who might be looked to be airlifted by a team in need at some point…Bennett as well.

Yep Johnson can still play. Very reliable.

i’ve been a stubborn supporter in Devon Bailey as well. I think he should get a look again somewhere. Shocked that he played poorly in Montreal TC. Maybe I’ve overrated him.

you are far from the only person who feels this I believe. He is showing on Montreal's roster...but also on the cuts in transactions...weird

The Stumps ??? Nawww ,why would anybody want to talk about them ? Everybody knows that the Stamps are the most boring team in the league . I mean all they seem to do every year is win , win , win ..............that is until it really matters of course . :wink: :o

Some pretty good players released after a few weeks of hard training, yet we get this Behar guy skipping the pre-season and demanding more than $77k and tweeting that he is a slave!!
I wonder if they can stick him on the practice roster for a few months at minimum pay and work his butt off to make up for a missed training camp?

[url=] ... ment-64258[/url]

Makes me glad that the Cats didn't end up drafting this ego driven , sense of entitlement spoiled brat . I wonder if Behar has ever thought just how many other young players would give just to get the opportunity to actually get a chance at playing a game for a living as a professional athlete ? If I were the Esks I'd let him sit , screw him , he won't be missed and the team will do fine without him . I tell ya what Nate , try going out and getting a real job in the real world that will pay you $ 77 ,000 for 6 months work . Yup , good luck to ya with that one , buddy !!!