Surprise ratings for NBA, boxing and the CFL draft

And how about the CFL draft. In only its second year on TV, it tripled its audience to 119,000 on TSN Sunday afternoon. Imagine what it could do if the show went beyond talking heads and commissioner Mark Cohon's smiling announcements.

A few more cameras in a few more war rooms and a few more players would be welcome.

That's excellent for sure! Nice to see the OHL game go over 200,000! Boxing still has some lure out there, have to admit I like watching a bit here and there.

TFC drew 25,000 on Sportsnet. The CFL draft drew 119,000.

...and soccer is supposed to kill the CFL in Canada in 25 years?

Another win for Eugene Melnyk and Don Garber eh?

25 000 viewers on a National broadcaster LMAO… that’s less than St-Mary’s Huskies get on community channel LOL !

Man just think what tsn could do with this thing.
A better time slot and better production and this will surely garner even better ratings.
It's good to see that they're committed to this though.

On a side note, people who talk like if MLS is the next great thing to happen to north america, get real!
100 000 more people tuned in early in the morning to watch two foreign teams play.

the only people who watch TFC are those who attend games.
outside of those 20,000 loud dedicated fans, noone cares about TFC.
if the stadium was 30,000 seats, it wouldn't ever be full, IMO.

nice to see a boxing commercial get way more than anything not played on ICE....gotta say i LOVE boxing. boxing is 2nd only to the CFL to me. sad mosley couldnt get it done saturday nite tho.

They did get a 188,000 rating on a previous game as noted in the 'Other' section. But you have to base it on numbers over a season. Getting Vancouver and Montreal in the league should help TFC numbers I would think.

The NBA hasn't been treated very well by Canadian television, with playoff games bouncing from channel to channel and being relegated to the likes of Raptors NBA TV, TSN2 and The Score. Nothing wrong with those channels, but they don't have the reach of TSN or Rogers Sportsnet.

Pfft. I'm just glad there are stations that play basketball. I'd be a little ticked if I couldn't watch the Lakers.

As for the CFL, those are definitely some good numbers for a draft. :thup:

As a Laker fan as well for my "Bestern Conference" team, with my top team Indiana not making the playoffs any more and apparently not any time soon again, the Lakers I can tell you ARE the playoffs for the NBA. TV ratings and NBA playoff interest slide down tremendously without the Lakers in the mix. With the evidence of years of ratings numbers such a notion is far more than just opinion and has been making its rounds on sports talk radio down here for years though they won't dare mention it on TV.

Interest in the NBA seems down this year all the same even with the best play ever by Lebron James through whom most of the NBA coverage leads any more and of which most of us have just been overwhelmed with the excess.

The overall quality of basketball skills has never been better, but many fans like me are turned off by the inconsistent officiating on more than just foul calls any more such that offences such as carrying/palming and travelling are not called consistently either. Officiating has never been worse in my view even given the corruption of past officials for which one was indicted criminally.

The NBA is at popularity crossroads any more, with this year or next year likely the Lakers' last great chance in their run and Lebron likely headed to a big-market team with some heavy rigging by the wily David Stern so as to attempt to enhance again interest in the game.

CFL draft is such a popular property with TSN, it was buried on Sports Centre Sunday night behind NBA highlights and Blue Jays baseball, 120K Sunday morning/early afternoon viewers be damned! :roll:

Given that they televised the thing, you'd think it would find a place after the NHL round-up.

As for TFC's whopping 25,000 viewers...."You're red, you're white, it's obvious no one gives a shyte" :stuck_out_tongue:

rhymes, my guess is the NFL draft would have been in about the same time slot compared with actual games being played, playoffs in the NBA case and Canada's only MLB team in the other. I don't really have a problem with it.

And also, the CFL draft isn't quite like other drafts because one of the most key positions on teams in football, the qb, isn't a factor really in the Canadian draft. It's actually more like a positional non-import draft when you think about it.

I saw that too, what a joke the MLS and TFC are and continue to be on TV,

Oh yes speaking of TFC and MLSE, here is an interesting article on our good friends.
Well folks, does this surprise anyone.
Our friends at MLSE implicated in a suit for not paying numerous bills.
The shrewd company as some of us have seen over the years is far from being a good corporate citizen.
Even if they had nothing to do with the outstanding bills, they are implicated as being the project head andmanagers and use operators of the arena.
The stupid city of Toronto is again corrupt in trusting MLSE and like the BMO Field fiasco.

[url=] ... litigation[/url]

yeah....... hahahahaha :roll:

I guess they are done at the end of this season - Right argotom? Wasn't that your prediction? BMO field will be the new home of the Argos.
It's a team and a sport that is trying to catch on here... what more would you expect? Millions to tune in right away? I don't think that was ever the goal for MLS, MLSE or TFC. It may be a joke as far as ratings but the seats in the stadium are sold and GolTV makes money for MLSE... I wonder who's laughing?

What does this have to do with the price of eggs?

At worst, MLSE is guilty by association. At best, well who currently knows between the bed partners of the City of Toronto and the well respected corporation that is known as MLSE.

Yes the death of the MLS is what I and many people have called for, as only a matter of time.
As for BMO, I don't like it and have never personally called for this bleacher like place to be the new home of the Argos, even after it will remain without a tenant.

Yes the death of the MLS is what I and many people have called for, as only a matter of time.
As for BMO, I don't like it and have never personally called for this bleacher like place to be the new home of the Argos, even after it will remain without a tenant.
LOL - BMO grows on you

MLS is interesting though, you have to remember it's a very young pro league and there will be hills and valleys. BMO could prove to be too small in a very short time:

MLS on Pace to Surpass Both NHL, NBA in Average Attendance

[i]The world's most popular sport isn't even considered a player in North America's "big four" of professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey, but North America's soccer league, Major League Soccer, is making a strong case to earn the respect the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL are receiving.

According to MLS Daily, thanks to a strong opening month of the 2010 seasons, the MLS is on pace to surpass both the NBA and NHL in terms of average attendance, using each league's last full regular season's numbers.

Check out the standings below, noting that the MLS season is just 21 games deep into the season:

  1. NFL - 67,508.69 (2009 season)
  2. MLB - 30,213.37 (2009 season)
  3. MLS - 18,452.14 (2010 season, as of April 11)
  4. NBA - 17,110.64 (2009-10 season)
  5. NHL - 17,004.53 (2009-10 season)

Although most teams have hosted just one game, the Seattle Sounders FC -- one of just six clubs with two home games as of April 14 -- are averaging over 36,000 fans per game. The New England Revolution have hosted one game so far, drawing a shade under 13,000 fans to Gillette Stadium.[/i]

That's like using opening day attendance numbers and comparing them to season average in baseball. LOL!