rcon, the so called NFL games were suppose to sellout in minutes according to some "experts" from Rogers.
It was suppose to be like buying a "hot" ticket for a concert over Ticketmaster.
Man hasn't that changed big time.

Rogers will end up doing fine on this. What, they paid some $78 mill? Even if the stadium is 3/4 filled for the games they will at least break even I would think, don't know, just think that.
And people who want the NFL in Toronto, a team in the future, should go and support it. Doesn't make them any more stupid than someone paying to see whatever for whatever at whatever amount, whatever suits your fancy. As I've said many times, I couldn't care less if Toronto ever gets an NFL team, I spend my football money on the CFL in Canada and the odd time to an NFL game in Buffalo. I'm not going to the games in Toronto unless Phil Lind gives me tickets, pays for my parking and throws in a couple of dogs and brewskies. Phil, are you listening? :wink:

Just reading this in the Globe:

"The first of those games to be staged in Toronto will take place on Aug. 14, an exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Steelers that remained 6,000 to 8,000 short of a sellout as of last week."

Ok, so it didn't sell-out in 2 seconds like a big rock concert like we were all led to believe from the Rogers people would happen. But it's an ex game in the NFL which can be boring as heck and with any luck, all the seats will be filled, the remainder of the tickets for this game I'm sure Phil Lind and Paul Godfrey and Tanenbaum of course, well, Ted Rogers as well, will buy and give to their buddies or school groups just to get bums in the seats. I'm being serious actually.

I seriously doubt they sold 2000 to 4000 tickets in few days when they have sold squat in the last month or so!!!!! Just more pro-Nfl propaganda by the Globe. There will be tons of freebies and scalpers will not be able get rid of there tickets at half the face value!!!! :lol:

For the ex game at least, I agree roon, I wouldn't be surprised to see $50 seats being sold for $5-$10 to be honest.

or the ex game at least, I agree roon, I wouldn't be surprised to see $50 seats being sold for $5-$10 to be honest.
Is there even a $50 seat??? It must be outside the Rogers ( THE EVIL EMPIRE) Centre!!!!! :lol:

Interesting read here from the Buffalo News, a couple paragraphs from a story:

Not so impressive figure: Two months into the sales campaign, there still are roughly 11,000 tickets unsold for the first three games, based on officials’ sales estimates and a seating capacity of 54,000 at the Rogers Centre. (The actual capacity may be a bit less for the Bills’ games.)

Very impressive figure: Ticket sales to date represent an estimated $9 million in ticket revenue per game, which is roughly $3 million more than the Bills collect in total revenue for a game at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

LEVEL 200 $185.00 - $575.00
LEVEL 100 $155.00 - $550.00
LEVEL 500 $70.00 - $255.00

These are the prices listed today on TicketMaster for the Aug 14 exhibition game in Canadian dollars.
It boggles my mind that anyone would shell out $100 for an NFL exhibition game let alone almost $600.

There really are some stupid people out there.

When they go on with ignorant statements for years and year about how the CFL sucks, even tho NFL teams wouldn't stand a chance at canadian rules no matter how much they're paid, i think we have every right to say that after years of keeping our mouths shut.

Well, it's a celebration as CityTV calls it. When I hear the world celebration, I think of something as big as the Grey Cup, more of a national type of thing. But a celebration of the Buffalo Bills in Toronto? Just doesn't come across sounding right to me. City is owned by Rogers though so I can understand to be honest. Fortunately I can take or leave Hedley, a good band but not a band I get too excited about. That being said, an excellent idea to have a kickoff party (not celebration) like this, I wish the CFL did this at the start of the season and changed it from city to city each year:

All Day Free Celebration Of Buffalo Bills In T.O. Coming To Yonge-Dundas Square