Well, not all Toronto citizens are stupid and wannabe Americans.
Like I have been posting for quite a while, the so called "can't miss" NFL games are anything but a hit.
Rogers has been advertising big time in the newspapers and on radio and still can't sellout.
Now we hear the tickets have been discounted big time and the previous have to buy all events, has changed to several options.
Today the pro NFL David Naylor even wrote this negative slant.

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...just because some people want NFL tickets doesn't make them stupid and wannabe Americans...statements like that make us look ignorant...

The ticket prices are so outrageous that you can make a trip to Buffalo for what it costs to see the game in Toronto. Is it any wonder they're not selling out?

(But hey, at least they've got the International Bowl beat!)

OK jm fair enough, how about the vast majority.
You have to live in the area to be able to judge and I stand by my statement.

…as I do mine.

And, just wait to the novelty wears off. Once you've been to a couple, why would you continue to pay that outrageous price?

Jm for people to pay these outrageous prices for an Xibition game when if they love the NFL they could go down the road for one tenth of the price, what would you call or suggest their M/O might be.
In my mind that is the pure definition of stupidity?

I would suggest they're interested in watching an NFL game in their own barn. If I was in Toronto, and I could afford a ticket, I'd pay the price they're asking, too. But I suppose I'm stupid...

Stipidity may be defined by some and as PT Barnum once said, there is a sucker born every minute.

They're trying to show that Toronto can support a team, in hopes of luring one their in the future. It doesn't seem stupid to me.

Most of the tickets will be purchased by fatcat corporations to impress their clients, which they can write off as a business expense and then pass the cost on to consumers, while lining Roger's even fatter pockets.

Just like the last Xibition game held when it was known at the Skydome, when Budweiser was promoting and still couldn't come close to a sellout and gave away a tone of freebies, I wonder how many freebies will be given out during this dog and pony show?

LOL, the sheer arrogance of Rogers. I knew this would happen. Who in their right mind will pay 250 dollars to watch a pre-season game? You'd have to pay me to endure that torture.

Secondly, Phil Lind is a lunatic. "NFL country" over my dead body! People won't pay that kind of cash when they're not die hard fans. Toronto is a hockey city, not a football town.

Thirdly, after wasting hard earned money people will realize how much the NFL is over-hyped and will have a greater appreciation for the CFL.

Lastly, Ted Rogers is also a moron. He may have the money to do what he wants, but due to his arrogance there's no way the NFL can be a success in Toronto.

PS Phil Lind, keep kissing Ted's butt! You ****.

double post.

Time will tell with this game. They still have time to market and advertise the game. I hope they do not sell the game out and the NFl looks at Toronto as a bunch of clowns. Secondly I hope game sucks and it’s a low scoring game of 7-6. Then I would love to here Ted,Phil, and their boyfriend Paul explain to everyone what a experience it was.

The tickets cost HOW MUCH?


I have to pay $60 for Raider pre-season tickets, as part of my season ticket package. Even THAT is TOO MUCH for a lousy pre-season game.

You'd have to be a damn fool to pay what they are demanding.

For our American friends, here's a bit of Canadiana, something that most of us learn early in our lives.....

Toronto is chock-full of fools, willing to spend their corporate money on anything billed as an 'event'. Just think, ten years from now, they can say. "I was there". What a high!

Wilf, that is so true. I hate to agree, but you are bang on with your assessment.

At these prices.....
If they have even 10K empty seats for each game... I think this proves that people in TO want NFL

At these prices..... If they have even 10K empty seats for each game... I think this proves that people in TO want NFL
Absoluetly not!!! This was supposed to "sell-out" in one day at any price for all 8 games!!! Now according to Rogers/MLSE numbers (and these numbers are probably over-inflated) there are over 10000 tickets for each of the first 2 games alone, the novelty is going to quickly fade for the rest. I wonder how many were sold for games 6,7,or8??? My guess no more than 5000, and I think I am being generous!!! I just hope BIG Ted takes a bath in this one!!!! :wink: