Surprise? Brock Ralph Traded to Edmonton

Just saw this on the Edmonton newspaper blog.

From Ken Peters blog

Goodbye to Brock Ralph

The common wisdom is that the team that acquires the best player in a swap wins the trade.
I don't know if that applies in this case; the Cats sending their most productive receiver Brock Ralph to Edmonton in exchange for import defensive back Chris Thompson and Canadian linebacker Mike Botterill.
The trade will be announced Wednesday.

Ralph is the best player in the deal but let's face it, the Canadian slotback has been underachieving since the Cats acquired him from the Eskies in the fall of 2005.
There was no indication he was going to finally be a 1,000-yard receiver in 2008. He needs a new venue.
And with Chris Bauman living in the weight room over the winter, the Cats want the big kid to become their starting slotback. Hopefully he can hold onto a few more passes in the heavy traffic.
The Cats need help in the secondary. Hopefully Thompson, who bounced around the NFL before the Eskies brought him in for nine games last season, can help.
The acquisition of Boterill, a Mac product, gives the Cats a backup behind Mariuz, who is expected to start in JoJuan Armour's spot.
So the deal is helpful to Hamilton.
But man, oh man, the Cats need some CFL experience at receiver. And I think the move signals that for sure Tony Miles or Matt Dominguez is about to become a Tabbie.
All in all, a good deal for Hamilton but only if they can bag a CFL-proven receiver in free agency.
And you? Was this trade necessary and is it favourable for Team Hamilton? Post here.

i do believe it benefits Hamilton. Ralph has a case of the dropsies, and we get a young up and coming DB and a good special teamer/ backup LB.

Ralph is a player who has some talent, but can be replaced pretty easily and probably with a guy who has more size and toughness.

Ray to Ralph. Not good for us Riders. Remember what happened last year. Tiger Cats like Flick. Got out of Hamilton and played great.

I think the Ticats got the better end of this deal. We don't need Ralph particularly, but we did need Botterill to step up and win AJ Gass' spot in the starting LB corps. I thought he looked good, his name got mentioned on the PA for tackles a few times when he was called into replace Gass or another starter, and he was one of the few Esks who showed to sign autographs at the locker room sale. As for Thompson, I give him alot of credit for learning our game fast after getting burned during his first game in our secondary.

Thats why I don’t get trading for Ralph on our part, we had guys up and coming in the WR department… Mann (whom has some good vertical for the jump ball), McCarty, Acree, etc. Brock Ralph in camp as well just hurts their chances to develop into starters if they have the raw talent. I know we’re thin on veteran WRs with only Tucker and Petersen left, but we needed to start the process of getting younger by last year, and continue it this year.

Can you say Chris Bauman.

As Kenny said in his blog...

'Chris Bauman living in the
weight room over the winter,

the Cats want the big kid to
become their starting slotback.

My guess is that Ralph really wanted to go back out west where he's from, real bad. So a trade was going to happen on this one, TiCats were trying to be accomodating, especially since he had some trade value.

Dont you need two slotbacks?


For sure but what are you going to do? Maybe a salary issue as well here, I don't know.

Maybe Brock Ralph is a better Dancer than Botterill was. Disco Danny wants to win dancing with the stars!

I believe you are right, I gather he has a child with some medical issues and that there was better support in Edmonton for this.

Thanks leeing for that info. All the best to the family on this, especially his child. Not good. Isn't Doug Flutie's child afflicted with this condition? I think so.


I think I read on the TiCats forum it was autism, think so but correct me someone if this isn't the case.

im ok with this trade, thompson got absolutly lit up on labour day and didnt impress after, if Ralph can do what he did with williams/maas/chang =, then i can only imagine how well he will do with Ray. its a good trade for both

i hate the Eskimos just like any other cfl team besides them self but I personally think they will be the team to beat