Surprise Blowout

I thought the Argos would squeek past a 2nd string 'Riders team today, but I never pictured them lambasting the 'Riders starters the way they did.

I thought John Avery would have been released around Labour Day in a cost cutting move, but he is now a vital part of the Grey Cup run. The Argo offence was masterful both with and against the prairie wind.

All the best to Mike Pearson who suffered that horrific injury when the game was in hand.

It is surprising that we actually scored some points on offence today. Finally we have seen a game that we fully deserved to win. However, I'm not getting too excited yet. We have to remember that the Riders were missing a lot of their offensive weapons today.

Still a good win for us.

your guys had a great game.
ours didn't.

you certainly deserve that win.

all the best to Pearson & Family.

Unfortunately I missed most of Saturdays games due to a wedding. Don't you just hate it when real life intrudes on football life?

This is a team that seems to be peaking at just the right time. You have to love the momentum they are carrying into the playoffs.

Their 7 straight victories is second only to B.C.'s 8 game winning streak. But then again, we'll worry about taming that kitty in three weeks.