Surprise Argo cuts

Argos cut Gurley, Hazelton & Elliott. If I'm Austin, I'm considering bringing in 1 of them, maybe Elliott. Chiles & Jr. Collins are not the answer.

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At least they are too late to bring back Sinkfield. That would hurt more than him going to BC.


These 3 are supposed to be headcases, I certainly wouldn't bring in more than 1 of them if at all.

Don’t forget that Hazelton played with Collaros on the Cincinnati Bearcats and it was Collaros who was instrumental in getting Hazelton to come up to the CFL in the first place.

If they are an issue on the Argos, they are NOT going to fit in well here regardless of how talented any of them might be. After their loss to the Als, Milanovich apparently made reference to players being late to meetings, being unprepared to play, not working hard and saying that there could be changes. A day later Elliot, Gurley, Hazelton and Bates are history! It doesn't take much guessing to figure out which players were slacking off and not prepared! You KNOW that isn't going to fly with Austin who values character and good work ethic as much as, or maybe even a bit more than talent. I remember some of these players being benched last season and also squabbling among themselves on the sidelines during one of their "home" games at THF. So much for the "Three Towers" or whatever they called themselves last season!

Don't know about the head case part, but that Gurley can run and catch. Don't have a lot of that in the Hammer at the moment.

Funny how they said the exact same thing about Sinkfield before they dumped him, that worked out pretty good for us!

So far, all the character on this team has gotten us to 6-8.

You bring in one of these guys & tell him he’s on a short leash until he proves himself. When the alternative is unemployment, you might see a change, as Grover pointed out happened with Sinkfield.

Willy to QB for the remainder of the season, Willy's passing in the last game was very bad, some of his passes were real ducks and way off the mark. Now new receivers, doesn't look good in TO. :roll: :cowboy:

I beg to differ , I think things look great in TO. :smiley: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

So players that get a reputation should never get a chance to play in the league again? Sorry but I beg to differ. Perhaps being surrounded by a better culture and breaking up these guys will change their attitude. The strike is on them, not the team. A guy like Gurley knows that he cant get cut again, or it could be his career. Toronto’s loss will be somebody else’s gain, put them in an environment with a short leash and some veteran leadership and you’d be surprised what can happen.
I say we can use all the help we can get right now, sign one of either Gurley or Hazelton.

I say we can use all the help we can get right now, sign one of either Gurley or Hazelton.
I think this all depends on the severity of the injuries to Owens and Tasker - If they're not going to be back maybe a short-term rental is the best way to go?

Tasker will be back, but Owens is 6-gamed, so likely done until the playoffs. Chiles & Collins have done nothing when given the opportunity to play & Streeter is still an unknown quantity.

I'd bring in one of either Hazelton or Elliott depending on how they interview & what they say about how things went down in Toronto.

I totally agree. I have heard so much about people being a "headcase" and then they come here and they're fine. I think with our injuries one of them has the perfect opportunity to excel here.

Gurley and Hazleton > Collins and Chiles...

Owens done for the year. Makes signing one of these guys an even better idea.

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Armand Bruce had the same rap He turned out pretty good!

Arland Bruce III.

I think Montreal and Hamilton would be the two teams most interested in Gurley, Hazelton and Elliott.

I think Gurley is the best of the three, and hope the Ticats sign him before Montreal does.