Surplus of Canadian running backs

If you consider that Jesse is an untouchable, the team still has Radlein, Piercy, John Williams (picked up from Argos) and now draft pick Giffin. How many are keepers and do any have any trade value?

I think trading Radlein for a middle of the road receiver would be a good idea. We still need more help there..

I see us going with All Canadian back Filed
No Americans at all

My guess, based on Obie's comments, is that Radlein is gone. As a Canadian veteran, he is probably making pretty decent money, and I imagine the team would opt for a younger, cheaper player with more upside, whereas Julian's potential has already been reached.

I doubt that he will command much return in a trade. If we do get anything for him, that would be a bonus. But if other teams see he is on the bubble here, they know they won't have to pay a lot to get him, and may have a chance to sign him for no cost at all if he is released.

I appreciated his work with us these last few years, but I don't think he is our future at FB.

From what I've read, Rads basically walked out on the team last year with three games left in the season.

If true, he burned his bridge in Hamilton.

I bet the Ticats tried to deal Rads before the draft for ANYTHING, but there were no takers because of his contract, and the fact that everyone knows he is on the outs in Hamilton, and therefore bound to be cut any day now.

Williams and Giffin were aquired because Rads is on the way out.