I was on the Leafs forum (No, I'm not embarrased to admit it) and I was looking in the other sports section in a CFL thread. Its about Ricky Williams and the CFL. It had the link to the following:

[url=] ... hp?t=22631[/url]

This was in it:

I think he'll break pretty much ever CFL single season rushing record there is.

CFL defenses aren't very good, all but one team gave up over 5 yards per carry last year.

Coudn't beleive this one either
lol i cant believe hes gonna embarras himself by entering the CFL
Some people just don't get the CFL.

Did you set them straight?

I’m planning on it. I’ll do it quickly now.

Would you like some uh colour-full metaphors to share with them?

Sure Im going to bed now (its quarter after 12), but I can put it on tomorrow unless someone beats me to it.

Pffttt....."going to bed now".....thought you young whipper-snappers were supposed to be rip-roaring into the wee hours of the morning? :lol:

you can tell those ppl on the countdown forum arent smart at all they shouldnt even talk about the CFL i bet they dont even watch it