Sure they Release Washington, but what about Bowman?

Bowman hasn't exactly done anything too spectacular either now!

he is continuously dropping easy passes! this guy has all this talent but no hands! so why did they release Washington, when they don't even try to throw the ball to him, yet they continue to throw to Bowman and he drops the ball, over and over and over and over..

is there something wrong with this picture?

Bowman needs to be given a little advice "Catch the ball or find another job!"

I have been the number one anti-Bowman fan around here, and I am constantly reminded that Fantuz had a rough start as well. Difference is that Bowman was supposed to go early in the first round NFL draft, but didn't because of his girlfriend, Mary-Jane. I expected more of him than Fantuz, but from what I am seeing, he is way worse than Fantuz in the early games. I HOPE I can regret my comments a year from now, but just exactly how much are we supposed to take waiting for him to get this crap fixed??? I was at the SK-Cal game, as far as I'm concerned, he cost us that game, It seems to me he dropped 4, potential chain-moving passes (someone confirm my memory please).

Sad part is, we cut him and he will suddenly decide at that moment to be spectacular on another team. Like I said, smear some stick-um on his gloves!!!!

BTW, I heard a great joke! Did you hear about the Bombers new bra?

No support and no cup! :lol: :lol:

I'll tell you my opinion on it, it may be the reason it may not be. Bowman gets open. Wide open. He just is having trouble catching (way too much). Washington did not know how to get open, that is why he never got thrown too. I will take a person who gets open and misses 50% of them over someone who is never open and catches 100% (which in his case is zero becuase he is never open)

I think part of it is that Bowman has allot of potential. Washington was really a one dimensional player and was not a crisp route runner (Bowman is). But unless he can start to catch some balls he should be gone as well. They need to get his head in the game early, that WR screen play they have for him should be ran in the first series he seems pretty able to make people miss and break tackles.

This kid is a keeper big fast he has just got to get his head around . I t would be alot easier on him if we had some vet help

The reason Bowman drops so many balls is because he's too concentrated on where he' s gonna run and he doesn't concentrated enough on catching the ball.

The one major difference between Bowman and Fantuz is that Bowman was tossed into the fire. The guy has 8 games of CFL experience after not playing under the same rules in college or earlier.

The Riders would be incredibly stupid to release him, almost all the other teams would snatch him up and he'd probably look good as he wouldn't be relied upon as their main threat.

You really need to put it into perspective, yes he hasn't played great, but how many rookies with no previous experience playing under these rules are asked to be the go to guy with very little help?

I think Bowman would have been benched by now if it weren't for all the injuries.
Of course it is because of all the injuries I am very surprised we released Washington. I don't think we really gave him much opportunity this year. And I have a little trouble with the argument that Henri Childs is a better receiver than Washington....

I would be very pissed if Bowman was cut.

You say this. Ihave a little trouble with the argument Childs is better than Washington Coach Miller must feel he is. I bet he knows more than me. More than you to.

I say this. Write in. Full sentences. Maybe give your opinion. Once in your life. I will however bet this. Miller knows more than you. Maybe not more than me. Who cares? We now have a guy who has had maybe two practices as the next guy on the depth chart. In an offense that we are repeatedly told is sooooo complicated. Henri Childs has done this. Nothing! In two years. But he is more versatile. He can do nothing as a RB, a returner, and now at receiver. Washington only could do nothing as a receiver. Funny others question this decision, but you had nothing to say until I post on the topic......

Bowman is a rookie...Washington has been here a while. I read a report that the reason Washington was let go was his speed has not returned since his injury last year. Give Bowman time...if he's still struggling when the injured return, Bowman will be in a back up role.

yes he certainly will!

if releasing Crandell is a sign of anything.. Bowman doesn't have much of a leash left!

If he doesn't perform soon, he is definitely the odd man out when Flick returns.
And I suspect you are right about Washington. He just never was the same since the injury.

Crandell was a vet and 34 years old, Bowman is 23 years old has played 8 games of CFL football, let's put things in perspective. If we had everyone healthy he'd probably be a backup right now, releasing him would be silly.

Two passes to Bowman today, one he made a nice catch for 26 yds and the other in the end zone was just over his head. He did make a very good attempt to get to it though.

What's up with releasing Washington.....UMMMM, don't we need the depth........

I think they were hoping to get some guys back off the injured list soon, not add more to it :frowning: