Sure NOW Bishop decides to be good..........

Couldn't be a good QB when he was with us but now that he's with Winnipeg lets be a good QB

:roll: :lol:

Let's not forget that Bishop came to SSK last season and played very well at first...then became the Bishop we all knew by the end of the season. One half of one quarter does not tell the full hot-and-cold story...

true true guess i did jump the gun a bit

The Bombers will realize soon enough why Bishop didn't have a job to start the season.

I concur. I expected Bishop to play half decent if he did play today, his biggest problems are inconsistency and bad decisions. For his sake, and those of Bomber fans, maybe he'll shed these problem areas, time will tell. Past history will indicate he won't but that could change.

He had a couple of real good games with the Riders, that comeback in Winnipeg last year in the Banjo bowl he really lit it up. History tells us he'll have some really awful games to balance it out. Bishop seems like a really good guy, I'm simply hoping he fails because losing looks real good on Mike Kelly.

I'm really hoping for Bishop to succeed.
9 months out of football.
4 days in Bomber camp.
Now named starting QB in Winnipeg.

2008 and 2009 are very similar situations for MB, except head Coach Mike Kelly is a total kook and a Loose cannon.........

I'm sure the lead character in One flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest was based on Mike Kelly's person...

I wouldn't say good -- we saw the best and worst of him in his 1st game back. He showed why we don't want him here. Playing so bad that he wouldn't have won that game without 7 turnovers from his defense.

Not that what we have is any better, but Bishop has proven that he's never going to change.

In all fairness to Michael Bishop, he came to Saskatchewan halfway through the season at a time when the best of their receivers were wearing casts or on the injury list. I think by that time they were down to third string receivers. He also went through that unfortunate fiasco in Toronto when Joseph arrived on the scene. Being a human being with feelings like the rest us, that surely would have had an impact on him and may lead to a poor half year. Some fans here worry about Coach Miller’s decision to go with both Durant and Jyles in Calgary Saturday night (which seemed to have worked out nicely) and the impact that would have poor Dariant’s feelings and his performance on the field. Imagine how all of the must have impacted on Bishop especially when there was no clear evidence that Kerry Joseph was the dominant QB in Toronto at the time, and then with Toronto ending up with a terrible record after dumping a 12 and 1 starter.

Bishop had some good outings for the Riders but was a disappointment in the Western semi-final. I remember last year, when he came to Regina from Toronto in a trade that basically cost the Riders nothing, very few fans were against the idea. He has a good arm, and mobility and plays with some courage, not being afraid to take a hit. Some will argue that he has no football sense, yet he seems to play his best when he is calling his own plays. I also hear that he is a very nice man and players tend to like him.

We in Saskatchewan were hoping he could have carried the team on his own which he can when he is on his game and has high calibre receivers. He can also lose a game on his own too.

I am hoping that Bishop has a good year. The league is better for it when he is playing well from a fan’s point of view.