Sure is quiet in here

Nothing Ti-cat player related for 6 days.

Team looks pretty dominant already and we're still a couple of months away from training camp. We should expect a few more signings until then in order to ramp up the competition at camp.

Luckily for us on this site we have Grover. He gets us the information before the ink even dries on the player's contract. :+1:


Will most likely be quiet until the draft now. Most teams are probably cutting back on scouting with the Covid-19 virus. Not the best time for travel, film scouting and wait for the draft.

The CFL Ontario Combine is tomorrow in Toronto . You can see the results on . March 26 - 28 is the National Combine also in Terranna . The Cat

staff will be there in force .

Pat Lynch ( review the Cat neg list videos when news is slow)

It's waiting time until the NFL draft and FA period is over.
Combine is in a couple weeks. That will generate something

There is a story about the New Mosiac stadium having some quality issues. That's something

How about the Two Colours getting a new state of the art playing surface for

this year ? Now the soccer players can dive without the fear of injury . :stuck_out_tongue:

Pat Lynch(the old dude)

TD Place is getting new turf put in.

Hopefully it won't reflect the light back at the cameras for night games like to old turf.

The field almost looked washed out and dark at times making it very difficult to see the lines. At least for my eyes.

I wonder if fans in the south stands had the same problem or maybe it's just a tv thing.

Not using the site on my phone as I can't make it do what I want and I just feel extremely awkward on it. Not a rant.... just truth. I wonder if others feel the same way and aren't posting.