Sure Is Alot Of NFL Advertising During CFL Games

Its getting a bit much now.
We have Quizinos declaring itself the official submarine of the NFL.
We have an oil company delaring themselves the official oil of the NFL.
We have Bell advertising its NFL Sunday ticket.
All during a CFL game?
If I was Cohon I'd be a bit ticked that the NFL is getting promoted so much during our games.
After all how can you promote your brand when they keep mentioning the other guy all the time?

The NFL has a lot more coverage, and there are lots of people who watch both leagues. CFL add spots are likely a fraction of the price. You are getting more bang for your buck, and still branding yourself with the "big time" NFL. I can't blame them for going after the same demographic for cheaper, and the NFL is likely grateful as it is essentially free advertising for them, in a market that they have to think they have a chance to draw in.

Don't agree with anything you wrote.

It's because the NFL can afford to have this kind of advertising while the CFL cannot.

the CFL does not have the funds to be creating CFL based commercials for every game all season.

I think it's a complement. These companies are obviously buying slots during CFL games because they see how many people are watching them. A lot of people watch both leagues. I don't think this is really a huge deal.

If we complain too much, Our man Carlo might be reincarnated :stuck_out_tongue:

it is not nfl money, it is nfl sponsorship money.

Why would I go through the expense of making a new commercial to put on during a CFL game if I could appeal to a similar demographic with the same commercial They are likely saying 'hey, both leagues are football" not realizing that it pisses a lot of CFL fans off when people think they are the same game. Also, TSN does show NFL games as well as CFL so....

It is simply a fiscal decision I am sure...
Don't get me wrong, I would rather see a CFL based commercial that benefited this league more...just looking at it from the logic they likely are.

Makes sense to me geroy.

I don't know Depopulation.
Is there ever a Wendy's commercial during an nFL game on TSN callling itself the official hamburger of the CFL?
I doubt it very much.
You think Pepsi would be happy if they sponsored an event, and at this event they served Coke?
To me it looks like the CFL is being treated like a second banana.

Well the advertisers can “treat” whoever they want the way they want, it’s their money they are spending and can do so as they wish. It’s not a criminal offence for any company not to buy advertising for any show or event or whatever, it’s simply their choice. If a Canadian company only buys time on American channels, again, their right, nothing more and nothing less. This isn’t CAANCON where channels have to show so much Canadian content, I don’t think there is a law that a Canadian company has to spend so much money advertisering with Canadian media, I don’t thinks so anyways.

It's TSN, not the CFL network. They can show whatever commercials they want whenever they want. And they do show CFL commercials during the NFL. I know this, because the NFL fans complain about it. Oh, and the NFL network shows CFL games. It's hypocritical to complain about the NFL getting exposure during CFL broadcasts when the CFL gets exposure on the NFL's own network.

Yes, but the CFL is not sponsoring the air time on TSN, so it is fair game.
Coke would not be at a pepsi sponsored even because they are sponsoring it...CFL air time is not sponsorship, it is advertising...bought air time, and fair game to all...the more these guys want to advertise the better because it means more for TSN, and hopefully more for the CFL.
As for the CFL being treated second rate, sorry, but the NFL is the big dog in town. I prefer the CFL brand, but the NFL is still the machine.
Wendy's is a major sponsor of the CFL, NOT buying airtime...well, they are probably buying air time as well, but they are actually a sponsoror. If a fastfoot stand was set up specifically for CFL games, yes Wendy's would/should be pissed if rotten ronnies got a booth to..air time is fair game.
As far as a CFL commercial showing up on an NFL game...A) NFL cost more to advertise on. B) I would say a significant more % of CFL fans are watchers of both NFL and CFL than is the flips scenerio....that is to say a very very low percentage of NFL fans care at all about the CFL, or ever watch a game. so it would be very inneffective advertising wouldn't it?


I don't know.
If I was trying to promote my product, and then they advertise a competing product, I'd be ticked.
I don't think its right.

You would not be advertising at/during any sporting event then. This very argument could be made that they should not have shown the hockey Arena at halftime and mentioned there was a game on in it…TSN was not showing. They should not show baseball scores NFL scores or anything then either? That is competition.

I think I MIGHT feel a bit defferent if the NFL was putting out big add space, but it is not the NFL. People / companies pay big bucks to be allowed to say “official whatever of the NFL” and I can not blame them for putting that in commercials as often as possable. If I was an official widget provider of the NFL and put a commercial up during any sporting event I would want to advertise it, because I am advertising to some degree of sports enthusiast, and am therefor reaching part of the demographic I was after in the first place, that ver demographic that made me shell out the money to become the official widget supplier.

"NFL fans complain about it". Like Lind and Godfrey, have no time for these sorts.

You mean "NFL only counts" fans. I love the NFL almost as much because I love football, period. It's so weird when I see someone who "loves" football, as they say to me, but only this league but not that league etc. Not a true football fan, not as good as me that's for sire. 8)

Phony sorts out there. :cowboy:

Yeah, that's what I meant. oops.

No prob, just wanted to clarify. :thup:

IM sorta tired of the NFL vs CFL thing. I like both leagues. I prefer CFL. I am tired of NFL fans trying to make the rest of the world choose.

I don’t like it either, but it is called cross promotion.

Remember chh, "NFL only counts fans" or for that matter "CFL only counts fans" don't have as much of the "dual mind" aspect to their noggins so you have to give these folks a bit of a break and realize what's going on. Or else they just haven't read enough football history to understand it's all football afterall with a long and storied history. One of the two.

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