I think I am more excited that Canada will be fielding a SENIOR team at the World Cup of American football. I would think that we could do very well there. After all we are the only other country besides the US to have played this game for 100 plus years. I also hope we get television coverage for the games in 2011. I really believe it would get some great ratings if it was on...and promoted.

Interesting...anyone know how old are the players, and I assume this means non-professionals only?

If only there was an International Federation of Canadian Football, so we could play using the good rules :frowning:

Josh Sacobie wouldn't have a problem cracking a CFL lineup as a starting QB:

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The league hasn't featured a Canadian QB for two reasons: 1. The American coaches are biased; and 2. The Canadian coaches are biased. There is a mistaken belief, and I stress the word belief, that Canadians don't measure up. That's XXXX!

The CFL features a significant number of Canadian wide-recievers (do you homework!). Andy Fantuz (6'4", 220lbs from Chatham, Ontario and played for Western) for example, was a standout for the Roughriders in the 2007 Grey Cup:

Jeff Johnson, RB with the Argos, was born in Toronto and played for York:

Would you like me to continue the embarrassment kasps? :cowboy:

Don't forget about Jason Clermont, Ben Cahoon ... Jon Cornish has potential to be a good RB ...

But as for Josh Sacobie, they also said the same thing about Tommy Denison ...

Biased,yes that,s it. LMAO.
We have some good Canadians,but most of them wouldn't make their team if there was no import rule, including Fantuz. Do the math,sorry never mind. American football players / Canadians . RATIO( 25:1)
For the last 30 or 40 years There has been a conspiracy against Canadian QB's. Yes, that's it. LMAO. Not to mention the money and training that the Americans put in to their Youth Football programs. Far and away out does anything Canada produces.
I'm surprised you have time to post ? Thought you might be busy helping O.J look for the real killer !

kasps, you probably don't realize it, but you suffer from xenomania. At least I'm not walking around with an inferiority complex. I've often thought that the lack of innovation in the CFL is due to the presence and predominance of American players and coaches. The game needs to developed, for sure, but right now, the CFL isn't helping. Just one question though, how many members of the Detroit Lions actually deserve to be playing professional football? :cowboy:

I don’t know much about it, and the IFAF website is a little vague. However, here is an article that gives us a little more info.

and they say…

Non-professional players including former pros and current and former CIS players are eligible to play.

who was the last candian QB to start? how about start start consitantly?

I think it was Greg Vavra, he started for the Stamps for a year or two in the early to mid 80's. They should add and extra spot on the practice roster for a Canadian QB. Let him continue do develop with a team in the CFL.

I like that idea. It would be great to at least allow some Canadian QB’s to develop.

(edit) But then again, how many Canadian QBs are going to want to keep playing QB on a practice roster if they could start (or at least play) as a receiver (for example) on the actual team? Especially considering the difference in pay …