Suprise Cup MVP

It was sort of the game started, I looked at Mrs Madjack and I said to her that the MVP of the game would be someone we least expect, not one of the stars on either team (Stegall, Roberts, Flick, Joseph), but a relatively unknown player who would make a name for himself. Well, Johnson certainly did that.

Still can't understand why though the Bomber game plan was to go after him so much. They kept throwing to his area, and basically ignored the other corner, Justin. Don't fathom that.

Justin, in the two previous playoff games, had NO passes completed against him, if I recall correctly. That right there could have been the reason they strayed from tossing toward him...

it's about ^&%$%%@#@ time that defenders get some recognition in this league!! i pray for the day a defending player will win league mvp, not just an occasional game honour like this one.

yeah, tha calvillo mvp a few years ago was a joke. that should have been copeland for his 2 tds.

I was leaning towards John Chick before Johnson's third pick to seal the game.

Johnson was the BEST Choice.

As for Fantuz, Jury is still out, some pretty key "Dropsies".

I completely agree. I was more than a bit surprised that the receiver seemed "frozen". Maybe his momentum was taking him in a different direction but, I too, thought it wasn't very "defensive offence".

When was the last time a defencive player won MVP in the Grey Cup?

Has a linebacker ever won it before?

I do not agree. Johnson's 2nd pick was on Stegal and it was pretty much the same.

There is even a picture on the CFL main page of the moment Stegal got picked and he is in position that suggests he is waiting for the ball, while Johnson was the guy who stepped in front of him.

Even the statement, "otherwise I think the Bombers were going to score" doesn't really hold much merit. I mean, how were they about to score when they just got picked?

My point is, we can all say, things like I think they were going to score, or if Glenn had started it would have been different, or if Fantuz didn't drop any and Joseph didn't overthrow any it would've been a blowout. But what merit do those comments really hold?

Nobody really knows what would've happened had things been different because they were different.

1994 cornerback karl anthony of the stallions.