Suprise Cup MVP

James Johnson - record 3 picks -
Who saw that comming? lol

Fantuez got top Canuck

Johnson is my favorite player...

Well him and KJ!!!


I picked a DB to win it.

who won the MVP?

James referenced in the first post of the thread...

Did Johnson get it? I missed it. Not a bad pick. No one really stood out, except for maybe him. He did have 3 picks.

Fantuz was pissing me off. How many passes did he friggin' drop tonight? :?

He still took top Canadian

3 picks and a touchdown…and was all over like only every receiver on the field all night…torched for one TD by the Bombers, but made it up in spades…

And Fantuz dropped way too many…

on that last interception, if it was someone like Stegal, it didnt happen. That bomber reciever failed to do what he should have. He had position, all he had to do was step up and keep his body between the DB and the ball. Good thing for the riders, cause otherwise, I think bombers were going to score.

I wanted to friggin' slap him by the end of the game...

Not only Fantuz, but Flick and Roberts had severe cases of the dropsies today

Fantuz won it because of his second effort after the catch he scored on.

I forgave him after the first, second and third effort on his TD catch.

I was really surprised that Phillips wasn't used! (Or at least I didn't see him making any plays) I thought he was going to really stand out this game. Congrats to Johnson! Also congrats to Winnipeg for such an exciting game!!!! Well done. IMHO One of the best Grey Cups I've seen in the last few years.

I thought it was a great choice. In general the Grey Cup MVP award always goes to the winning QB, which leads to some questionable choices such as the year Calvillo won it after playing a below average game.

(Although for some reason they don't give it to Ricky Ray when Edmonton wins.)

Joseph played well enough to win, but his game wasn't worthy of the additional honour. Great to see a defender get it after a defensive struggle.

Yes, Calvillo did win most VP in 2000. The credid should have gone to Jeramie Copeland who was solid as receiver and aced the game for the Als when he grabbed the opposing teams short kick which confirmed the Als win. I am not sure if Copeland's kick was returned fot a TD. The Als have never had the swagger of a winner since Copeland left the team.

Calvillo did not deserve the MVP in 2000. Jeramie Copeland should have gotten that reward. He caughy some long passes and recovered a desperate short kick by the opposing team which confirmed the win for the Als. The Als were never as good a team since Copeland departed to Calgary!!

lol - you may have mentioned that about ten minutes ago...:wink:

I think you are thing of 2002 Hassall.

In 2000, Robert Drummond won MVP, when BC won against Montreal

you don't always give it to the Winning QB!!!????

how simple minded!

you give it to the player who performed best!

if it's a defensive player so be it!