Supreme Court ruling RE: NFL Licensing

An interesting article and judgement.

Justices rule against NFL over apparel licensing
by Bill Mears

Retail sales of NFL-licensed merchandise in the United States and Canada was about $3.2 billion in 2007"

Far more than interesting when you consider the deep and important implications!

Mind you it was the ARROGANT NFL itself that actually endorsed the appeal by American Needle, Inc. instead of fighting against it after WINNING in the federal appeals court.

This is as sound a serious legal butt-kicking as exists in the US -- A UNANIMOUS decision by the US Supreme Court!

What a rightful beating for one of way too many of such arrogant and obnoxious Manhattan types as I hope is to come. :thup: And with this ruling, basically the NFL invited even MORE legal action against it!

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Most important for football fans from this ruling is how it affects positively the negotiations to avoid the lockout in 2011 notwithstanding making certain labour practises by the NFL or any other sports league in the US illegal:

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Drew Brees, who stuck his neck out on the matter in this Washington Post editorial right in the middle of the playoffs, I has been redeemed as well amidst some mostly undue ridicule at the time that I think was more rooted in Saints hatred (which I have as well, but knew better off the field for this important issue) or NFL watering carrying (ESPN and just about any US media outfit) than of other merit:

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