Supposed crap resolved

...seriously Edmonton GC Committee, leaving McMahon Stadium off this signpost?...unless the sign to Calgary is pointed due south and is off this picture, in that case I'll retract my statement..

Who says the rivarly’s dead. :twisted:



obviously you didn't see the entire sign.

before I answer it for you,

think about this. what direction are they pointing, West and East...

so, now I ask .. what direction is Calgary from Edmonton?

His post is only 2 freakin' sentences long and you missed the 2nd one :?

There was actually a arrow pointing straight down to the ground . No need to explain.

no.. it was pointed South.

...statement retracted...

Boy, Redandwhite, you sure know how to get the gang riled! lol :lol:

I honestly don't remember seeing a McMahon sign and I took the picture! :lol: