Supporting Our Sponsors

Glad to see Heluva Good Dip as a sponsor. My favourite BEFORE they became a sponsor. Will buy even more now!!!!

Great, delicious dip. Well done Heluva Good Dip and CFL. :thup:

If you guys have something good to say about a sponsors or one to recommend, let's hear about it here.

Let's support those who support OUR game.

Use Trivago to pick your next hotel room and Cialis once you get there. :wink:

LOL. Will do. :slight_smile:

good topic

I have a couple suites from Moores, and while I admit most are not from there, the couple I do have are because of the CFL. Pretty respectable suites for the price.

If we ever ate fastfood we would do Wendy's. I eat fast food maybe 2-3 times per year, and at least one of those is Wendy's.

We bought 2 new GMs in 2014. I have never been a massive GM fan, but like that they really updated some of their 2014 lines. While by no means the deciding factor in those purchases, I was pretty happy that they were a sponsor. We also have a Nissan so...

We shop a fair amount at Safeway as well, but in fairness I go wherever I pass that has the fewest cars to store size ratio. If it is a tossup I generally choose Safeway, and that is entirely because of CFL sponsorship.

Amen, brother.

I was trying to decide what to have for dinner tonight. Have not had Wendy's for a long time. Will tonight.

My Honda Accord is 9 years old. Definitely will look at the companies that sponsor the CFL and let them know that when I am in the showroom.

Needless to say, you couldn't pay me to use a Rogers' device.

I just wrote Wendy's and thanked them for their sponsorship/support. Also asked them to bring back their Strawberry Shakes. :wink:

In case anyone else is interested - under Customer Feedback half way down the page:

Heluva thread and I've bought this dip before on occasion but will now buy more of it when looking for a dip.

Good man! :thup:

I'd tell Wendys to get rid of that stupid commercial on now. I don't need to hear these morons sing over and over.

I would also tell them to not celebrate in the same commercial that somebody got 11 items through the 10 or less line. There are few things I truly hate but one is inconsiderate jerks who think they are above the rules! If I had the ear of the Wendy's ad execs, I would tell them that celebrating cheating is enough to lose my patronage. If they think being ignorant is cool, they lose me, no matter how insignificant it might seem! :cowboy:

Not sure why this thread had to turn negative. :roll: Again, this is about supporting the CFL's supporters.

Just saying why I am reluctant to support Wendy's. If a sponsors commercials are annoying, they should know about it. If Wendy's wants to bring back "Kick to Win" it would help as well. I will not blindly support any sponsor strictly because the support the league. Supporting sponsors is also pointing out where they are going wrong.

I enjoy their commercials.

For the most part I do too, just hate the one where they glorify sneaking 11 items in the 10 or less line. It is a pet peeve or mine and they should be condemning it not celebrating it. :cowboy:

have to admit, that one sure raised my eyebrows when I first saw it. Would rather they didn't have it as part of the commercial. However, it will pass and new commercials will come and there are worse infractions that are done by far too many. I give them a mulligan on this one.

Don't get me started on mulligans, lol. I need a calculator to count my shots but I count everyone of them. Should be no such thing as mulligans! Toe wedges ok but mulligans, no. Just kidding my golf is so bad, even if I did cheat I am still in three figures! I figure I will need to live to 130 to shoot my age. :lol:

I can honestly say that I have never golfed over par since I was a young teenager :slight_smile:

Okay so you haven't golfed since you were a young teenager. I unfortunately have spoiled many good walks.

It would be great for the CFL to get more national sponsors. I see that BMO just made $1 BILLION in their last quarter alone...... :roll: They are a major sponsor of the MLS and TFC and paying them $2.7 million just for naming rights.
Scotiabank dropped the CFL this year due to a profit drop.
Who knows if Sobeys will continue with the Safeway sponsorship, Safeway was a US company that sold off it's Canadian stores to Sobeys, their CFL sponsorship continued because of their contract. Hopefully, Sobeys will continue it because of how strong the CFL is in Western Canada where all the Safeway stores are located.
Would be nice too if they could get the "big boys" on board, the Beer brands. Bud is a huge sponsor of the NFL in the US and in Canada.