Support the Ticats playoff push!

email from the Ticats
Support the Ticats playoff push!

The Ticats and Argos meet for the fourth and final time this regular season, this Thursday, November 1 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. Wear your black and gold and come support the Tiger-Cats as they push for the final playoff spot. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m.

We are pleased to inform you that the Tiger-Cats have secured a ticket discount for all Ticats season seat holders.

Gold price point tickets: $60 (reg. $76)
Silver price point tickets: $38 (reg. $54)

Ticats season seat holders can take advantage of these discounted prices by going to and entering the password: ticats2012. If you have any additional questions regarding tickets for Thursday’s game, please contact Knesia Carter at 416-341-2749.

Before kickoff, join us at Jack Astor’s on John Street for a pre-game gathering that gets underway at 5:30 p.m.

Oskee Wee Wee,

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

Love to go and see the Cats and Argos clash at the RC. Problem is I can't get past how much I can't stand the company Rogers and the fact I hate the RC for anything but a GC.

Sorry but I have to pass until the Argos get out of that joint. Rogers has also turned me off going to Blue Jays games. But I guess that's my problem not there's, oh well.

I'll be watching on TV. I won't go as far to say to others don't go, it's your choice and I fully respect that. Our team does deserve it, I will say that.

Rogers fired a Sportsnet reporter a while back because he made his views known about marriage and I don't even agree with that person's perspective but I do respect the right to free speech. Sad, they don't even respect free speech. Can't stand the company. But I have to go to the 100th Grey Cup in their stadium. Pisses me but what can you do. :roll:

Ticats players talk about having Ticats Fans at the Game to make it a Home Game.

The above certainly warrants repeating! :thup:

As much as I don't like the Skydome, I'd be there too for this game if I could.

I hope to get home in time see it on TV and something I'm looking forward to is the Ticat fans being encouraged from the field to "GET LOUD" by our "D" on the field with their arms raised. :rockin:

What with the cheap tickets available...I'm hoping that as many Ticat fans as possible take in the game "LIVE".

So, they are only inviting STH’s??

Guess us poor non STH slobs will just have to pay full price or stay home

If you go to the link and type in the password you'll get the discount as well. They sent the e-mail to season ticket holders because those are the e-mails the team has. People are sure quick to complain around here.

There's also a Wag Jag out there as well for it

9 of us going (from work) Can't wait....Oski wee wee!
and Go Stamps!