That's a fair compromise. You have my support.

And if that don't wow 'em in our nation's capital, how about the "Ottawa Horned Chens"?

Anybody who doubts whether Ottawa should have the Rough Riders should watch pt.4 of CFL Traditions Ottawa. Russ Jackson is practically crying when he talks about how great the fans were, and possibly are. 15 years losing before they folded and still the fans came out. We forget that there was a team worse than the current Tiger-Cats or the 60's-70's BC Lions or the 80's Roughriders and STILL the Ottawa fans came out to the games. I'd forgotten that.
I think we should move heaven and earth to get a team back there, for the great fans in Ottawa, and for Russ.


That guy is a great speaker eh? He could read the phone book out loud and make it interesting. Thanks, SS. :thup:

Also, there seems to be technology to make the painted lines disapper depending on the sport which would help satisfy those soccer people that whine and complain about gridiron lines:

[i]Professors at Cornell University have developed a paint and paint remover system that allows managers of athletic fields to paint lines on their fields and completely remove the paint at their convenience with a removal solution. Originally contemplated as a solution for natural grass athletic venues that host multiple sports with competing boundaries, this technology is also ideal for managers of artificial fields.

Many sporting venues are coming under space constraints. In the professional and collegiate arena, the ability to get the highest utilization from stadiums by accommodating multiple sports without marring the field's beauty is a challenge. In the non-professional arena, rising interest in field sports and increased participation of women in sports have placed field space at a premium.

Re-Markable Paint is a unique, high quality, removable marking paint that is visually appealing, rainfast, and tolerant to foot traffic. The paint and removing solution are safe chemical protocols that can be used in commercially available spray machines. In addition to being removable, the paint and removal solution will not damage plants or artificial turf.


In addition to allowing field managers to offer many different sporting events on limited field space, Re-Markable Paint also helps field managers maintain the health of their fields. For the natural grass field manager, Re-Markable Paint eases the process of field rotation. Research has shown that grass fields maintain their health more successfully when different sports are rotated around the field space. Re-Markable Paint allows the field manager to determine when and how the fields can be rotated. For managers of artificial turf, Re-Markable Paint helps maintain the integrity of the field, especially for in-fill systems. Because Re-Markable Paint system relies on a chemical process for the removal, the in-fill of the field is protected from the scrubbing and pressurized water sprays of other "removal systems."[/i]

MLS os announcing tomorrow that Portland is getting a franchise for 2011.

Now is the time to support the bid for football in Ottawa !!!!

cfl traditions... i thought i was the only one who watched those. i love espn classic canada. its totally rad. so many old cfl games.

sort of off topic... when montreal came back to the league, they continued the stats from the old team(when they won the cup against edmonton, it was added as grey cups to the old totals, as are the qb stats, ext). will this be the same in ottawa? no matter the name, if they make a grey cup, and win, will it be the first grey cup in franchise history, or will it be a number added to the previous total?

I hope they combine the old and new records, I think this would be a good way to attract fans of the old Rough Riders. It makes sense to me for them to do it ... and I believe I heard that they would combine all the records (don't quote me on that, though).

IIRC, the Renegades listed OTTAWA football records, so essentially combined them.

Starting fresh with records is weird. You know, it's mid July and the record book reads "Highest passing total in one game- 228 yards". Wow. :? It takes a while to get those outstanding performances.

"Most sacks in one game: One, shared by eight players" :?

i know when the browns moved to another city, the stats stayed in clevland when the team re-started. so i guess we are all in agreeance, the stats should continue on. i really really want the team to use the orrigian Roughriders name. too bad im the only one in Canada. anyhting else is like calling montreal the concords.

At the risk of opening this debate all over again, you are not the only one.

so thats two of us. but im not a jerk. its up to the people in ottawa. not me. actually i htik the hunt group should have the most say since its there baby. do they know the chance of them making money on thi sin less then 3 years is going to be difficult? could we call them the 67's like the hockey team? the ottawa senetors won the grey cup two years in a row(1924-25 i think). so why not the senators? ok im being a jerk now. but it would be sort of funny.

Geez, imagine that...I wonder how long it would take Melnyk to lawyer up?

Keeping along the same theme though, there was a team called the Trojans in the 40's that played during the war years. The name resurfaced again when a midget team used it in the 80's (I think).

Trojans and Senators fit pretty well together, like Bears and Cubs do in Chicago. Yeah, you might get condom jokes, but I believe there's also a Rough Rider condome out there. Can anyone confirm? :wink:

Ottawa Citizen article

No football news, but no scoccer news either

One way out of this mess, and this is assuming that in the powers to be circles in Ottawa that they want an MLS team over a CFL team seeing as this has unfortunately been reduced to this so it seems, is what they should do is get in writing from Garber if council votes on the Melnyk plan and has this is writing to support the Melnyk plan, that he put it in writing that Ottawa gets a team in the next round no ifs, buts, or ands. Risky, I know for us that want the CFL and Lansdowne Live proposal, but then it’s no longer a question of using Ottawa to get at Montreal and Saputo, Ottawa has the team. Call their bluff if you will.

Just a thought and this is assuming as I say, that council wants an MLS team over a CFL team. If they don’t want the CFL or Lansdowne Live plan, come out and say so for pete sakes.

Is it only me from afar, but enough already.
I am getting punch drunk with this daily dose of this marathon, worse then the everedy bunny.
To the crooked politicians of Ottawa(yes we all have our own), make a decision that's what you are paid to do.
Declare a "winner" once and for all.

Well, at least a stadium isn't last on the list ... apparently that's reserved for new suburban roads. I didn't really think the article brought any attention to the stadium issue at all, it doesn't really say where a stadium fits in. The good news (and it's not surprising) is that they're looking for construction projects ... which is obviously what Lansdowne Live would be. They do also mention wanting to upgrade recreation facilities, which is something Lansdowne would ALSO do ...

I took a quick look at the letters and noticed there are a fair number about sports (CIS basketball championships, WBC, something about Leafs fans) ... this might be a good time to fire them some letters about football? I wrote one about a week ago but I don't think they ran it.


I'd be in for pitching in money for season tickets too, just tell me where and how. The poor fans in ottawa deserve a team after many years of not having one and when they did horrible mismanagement.

Just an idea too is how bout the name Ottawa FC
a) it prevents the whole two rough rider debate
b) and most importantly its rubs it in to Melnyk and the city brass that wanted an MLS team :twisted: