According to wikipedia over 2,000.

L :smiley: :smiley: KS like the CFL in Ottawa is getting closer to reality !!

i love it when cfl fans support the whole league. i am from southern alberta and have been a die hard stamps fan my whole life(30 years now). i am so excited for ottowa to get a team again… and hopefully a team we can all take seriously this time(last time i think it was more the owners then the team itself). also, i would be excited for winnipeg to possibly be put back in the west. i have always felt they belong in the west with us. i guess im a traditionalist. i also pray that WHEN ottowa gets a team, perhaps the league can look to Quebec city or the east coast for one more team. but i would love to see the league restored first to the orriganal glory with the nine teams. then expand from there. what about the name? i would be fine with it being the double R one again… ESPN classic has been showing a lot of awesome cfl showings again. the ottowa addition of CFL tradions was really good. i hope even with the evil councilmen(woman) and the devil that owns the hockey team, the cfl will prevail once again in the nations capital. i find it insulting that the CANADIAN football league is not in the capital of the nation. but i am curious, what is the actual public opinion of having cfl in the capital again with the people who live there? this gets very little television/news print reporting out here. i depend on the web the follow as close as i can. i would also hope it would restore some popularity of football in the ontario province, as the nfl thinks they should own part of it(no opiion on this).

Me too. I consider it part of being a fan of the league. It's something that sets CFL fans apart from the NFL and NHL fans. Those that don't get that are missing out.

This is tough to answer because whenever it gets brought up now, its mixed in with soccer. There are a lot of people playing soccer here and whenever it comes down to a poll or what-not, Melnyks' people send out the information to the soccer clubs and include it on the Senators' message board and the results get skewed.

I don't think it feels real enough yet for anyone but the die-hards to get excited about it. The stadium issue has yet to be resolved, and even if Melnyk drops his own bid, we have to rely on city council to show some sense, which is frightening enough in itself.

Also, people have gotten their hopes up many times in the past just to get disappointed. Frank D'Angelo announced he bought the Renegades...but apparently neglected to tell the CLF this. Golden Gate was going to by the Renegades...but then a major player in that group got cancer and pulled out. Bill Palmer had agreed in principle...but hit a financial snag and left without saying a word. And that's in less than three years.

So I think a lot of people are a little gunshy. They don't want to get all worked up over this until it's official.

the fan was reporting that vancouver and portland got the mls expansions. so im doubtful ottawa will recieve a soccer team. i feel sometimes poeple forget that a new company needs have budget to run in the red for a least two years. this is the same for sports franchises. i guess if we want to talk nhl, they go many years like that. i think maybe a smaller version of profit sharing could help the smaller clubs, especially expansion teams to survive at first.

How many people here would be interested in pitching in and getting a number of season tickets to donate to a charity? Redwhite2005 and jm02 have a good idea here and I'm looking for a way to support the CFL in Ottawa, financially or otherwise - but being that I live in Calgary, I wouldn't exactly be using a season ticket, at least not personally. This could be a great way to show that fans all across Canada want to see the CFL back in Ottawa.

Fully agree! Even if Edmonton was struggling, I'd try and go to games up there whenever possible, to help them out.

Agree with you, that’s a sign of a true fan.

I'd pitch in gladly for this! Honestly. :thup:

On March 25, 2008, the CFL Board of Governors awarded a conditional franchise to an Ottawa group that includes 67's owner Jeff Hunt. The franchise will be condition free when the Hunt group negotiates a stadium deal with the City of Ottawa. You are invited to show your support for the franchise by reserving a seat in the stadium for the team's first season. Each seat reservation is $25 and special consideration is being given to former season ticket holders of the Ottawa Renegades and/or Ottawa Rough Riders.

Reserve your seat(s) at Capital Tickets by following this link:

How did that seat sale go anyways? Any sizable numbers?

OK. Any suggestions for charities we could give the tickets to? CRFadmin already suggested the Boy's and Girl's Club in the Ottawa-specific forum ... Any other ideas?

Children's Aid Society another one I thought about, local chapter there or Alzheimer's,again local chapter.

Approximately 2,500 sold,

Ottawa needs your support, spead the word.

Is that recent? I heard that amount, but it was something like last July.

my understanding is that ottawa gets a team again if they secure a stadium deal of some sort... so how much work will it take to get the old field up to code? or is that not even on the agenda?

The field itself, as far as I know, is just fine. The U. of O. plays there. They replaced it after the Stones played here (and wrecked it) and I believe they also replaced it prior to the 2007 FIFA U20 soccer event.

It's the stands that are messed up. The south lower deck is gone and during council discussions last week, they said the higher seats in the northside are crap too.

so one call to red green, and another to mike holmes and we have football in ottawa again. what name does the good people of the nations capital want?(im hopein for the riders again)

Let's maybe just say that there's a variety of opinions out there and leave it at that for now. :wink:

I still like "Ottawa Gleibermen".

Since the stadium is in The Glebe area of Ottawa, Artie, I vote for "Glebermen" :smiley: