On March 25, 2008, the CFL Board of Governors awarded a conditional franchise to an Ottawa group that includes 67's owner Jeff Hunt. The franchise will be condition free when the Hunt group negotiates a stadium deal with the City of Ottawa. You are invited to show your support for the franchise by reserving a seat in the stadium for the team's first season. Each seat reservation is $25 and special consideration is being given to former season ticket holders of the Ottawa Renegades and/or Ottawa Rough Riders.

Reserve your seat(s) at Capital Tickets by following this link:

Support Ottawa 's New CFL Team -- $25 Per Seat Reservation

Thanks TC. Here's a more direct link:

I've already signed up, thanks.

Cool, good luck! I hope OTTAWA gets a team.

I've no doubt that with Hunt in the mix Ottawa would be a success, I often wonder about your city council and mayor though. They almost seem opposed.

Maybe for their home opener they can have a pornstar audition night in honor of the Glieberguys....

The mayor is all for it. If you go back to when this stuff was just rumours, he was just dying to reveal it. The ownership group ended up announcing themselves a little earlier than they wanted because the mayor couldn't help but spill the beans of an ideal ownership group waiting in the wings.

One councillor is particular is vocally opposed and getting a lot of press because the stadium in his ward. He's still only one vote though (out of 23). He's probably the one giving you that impression.

Now now...Last we heard, Lonie was happily married to a girl just a little over half his age. :cowboy:

Hope you guys get an owner that actually knows what he is doing. Use Rougriders again,it bothers the americans and makes the cfl more unique. Then the next time you play sk in the GreyCup final, in 3007. The loser has to give up the name.

Hey there CRF, keeping close tabs on Lonie are we? Jealous of him snatching a young chick are we? 8)

Go Rough Riders! Makes me want to spend $25 just to show my support. Maybe they could just send me a sticker or something? :rockin:

Maybe... :oops:

You can be forgiven for that CRF. After all, if we all were rich we'd have young babes hanging around us too.

I'd send the new franchise $25 too if they sent me a sticker :smiley:

I’ll send them $100.00 if they use a nickname other than Rough Riders.

I am trying to get a collection done where as two tickets can be bought. Not sure what I will do with them at this time. But if that helps for one season what the heck .

Donate them to a school, or to a charity - preferably (in my own opinion) one involving children.

Good idea (including jm02's input), and thank you. When Toronto and Hamilton struggled, I went to watch the Renegades at their place. If I get a team back, I'd continue to do the same. In my opinion, that's part of being a fan of the league.

A popular charity here among the players was the Boys and Girls clubs.

I am uncertan the fans will really support another O team. The R's attendance was poor despite the development of a star QB and some very good players- many were snatched up quickly when the R's folded.

I'm from Hamiton, I reseved 2 tickets when i posted this. If it happens, I will head down to Ottawa and check out a couple of games. Ottawa is such a great city! If they have the never waste a ticket like Hamiton does i will save them up and use them when i can or donate them.

I also bought Argos season tickets this year. same goes for Toronto.

Cheers to the CFL

Does anyone know or could they find out what the response was to reserving tickets and how many they have reserved??