Support the Alouettes at Reebok Best Move

Don't forget to support your Alouettes players involved in the Reebok Best Move contest.

Anthony Calvillo
Anwar Stewart
Matthieu Proulx

July 9th Anthony Calvillo is facing Jesse Lumsden of the Edmonton Eskimos.

For now the Als are 3rd in team ranking with 231 fans and 3567 total yards.

Register and you could win :

  • Weekly prizes from Reebok
  • A trip to the 2009 Grey Cup !

Vous avez simplement qu'a vous enregistrer sur le site pour gagner des yards pour votre équipe et d'inviter des amis pour augmenter vos cyards encore plus!

Check in every day : Each choice is posted for a week and you can vote every day. Every vote nets you more "yards".

Every day there is a new trivia question too which also gives you 5 yards if you are right.

Here's today's question:
Which CFL team appeared in the West Final for 11 straight years from 1966-1976, a CFL record?
Ans: Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The more fans register and vote the better the ranking for the Als.

C'mon guys - vote early and vote often!!! :rockin:


ummm... you talking to me?

I just want to point out that the Alouettes have over 10,000 fans on Facebook, and only 650 on the Reebok thing. AND there are over 1200 Saskatchewan Roughrider fans on the Reebok site.
(and the Roughriders forum posts the answer to the trivia question too)
All I'm saying is if you're an Als fan- be supportive.

I've been a member of this forum since on the other hand just joined advertise a website..........that makes you a shill.

If the shoe fits...........................

Cool down, she is just posting about a contest and the players were asking our support (Stu did), have you checked the thing? it is a neat site and worth your time and her promotion, shill yourself. Also the contest is for a pair of tix to attend the GC, you may not be interested but i am.

If you're interested, by all means go there.

This is supposed to be a fan forum where we talk least that's what I do here. I happen not to like when trolls sign up for a day just to get some free advertising.

I've been playing for a few weeks and it's fun to learn about CFL trivia.

Fine then don;t read it, reebok i s amjor sponsor of the CFL, this forum is run by the CFL, i don;t think you have a leg to stand on with this one. And the more they have success with their promo the more CFL reaps some support out of it.

It is by no way a personal gain for the blogger. The original post is for CFL fans to go and support their teams. The forums is a form of support itself....for fans and their respective teams. If it was a shameless plug for someones D.I.Y. site that has nothing to do with the subject of football..then that's another story.

Well said Stabwork, also a rmeinder go and answer the Q every day and vote everyday :slight_smile: todays answer was Damon Allen.

FYI - (Wed. July 29) Today's Answer : Dave Dickenson - B.C. (2005).
For those of you interested in this contest...

today’s answer Annis Stukus
go answer and vote so Als fans get points.

Today's answer is Empire Stadium, keep on doing the quiz and vote, you get extra point for voting for a move and if hte player wins oyu get an extra 3 yards

Today's answer is 15.
The Argonauts have won 15 Grey Cups.

Vote for the players move also, it gives us points.

Today's answer is Dieter Brock, for most passes completed in a game for the Hamilton Tigercats

trivia answer today is deiter brock. Let's keep posting the answers every day.