Support the 90 Freeze

We The People of Hamilton and Tigercats Fans Do not support the Current new Stadium location

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We Support Bob Young and his Plan for a 90-day freeze to look at other sites

Sign The Petition link in my Sigs

Great petition Tom

I added it to my signature and ask that others do also.

as Fan I thought this best way to Help our Beloved Owner and Caretaker

So, is the May 17th deadline real, or made up?
Similarily, is this a petition that pledges to remove Hamilton from any stadium funding whatsoever? Sure sounds like it.


Just added it to my Facebook also

Good luck with this petition :thup:

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No it not
all the asked for a Freeze to look at other site as Bob requested.
nothing more nothing less.
I wanted a CFL Football Team and I hope everyone else dose as well
It not too late to turn the Train yet so Please Sign if feel Bob is right.
I like to see 2000 Signatures as a Goal
Thios to get some Media Attention I hope that wake up Hamilton City Hall.

So, when we decide to have this freeze, will the games commitee say ‘fine by us’ and get shovels in the ground at Downsview? While we’re carefully, meticulously adding another 90 days to a 1.5 year process? Don’t mean to sound trite, just want to clarify.

Bob has said in Caretaker update that Current site won't work

We need have the 90's days to have a vibale Stadium
What is a good Road to know where
we already have Copps the to home for the NHL Team that Never was.
IMO Everyone wants Hamilton to have this Stadium to be Viable after the games
90 day is not much time IMO we already gone this far.

I don't see Toronto getting this stadium.

Based on your skirting of the answer, I'll assume you don't know. I think I'll wait for more information before I sign away all stadium funding earmarked for Hamilton.

The may 17 is very real and if you believe david peterson will not pull this stadium you are probably naive enough to believe the losses caretaker proclaims.If you cry poor mouth you better open the get input into locale when you put dough.Bob money talks bovine excrement walks.

I don't think Mr. Young is bluffing.

He may not be bluffing – I hold our Caretaker in the highest esteem and am forever grateful for all he’s done for this team – but, that $7m number understandably raises a lot of questions. The people I’ve talked to (not accountants, but certainly not dummies) have questioned how much more than $7m the total operating costs are for a CFL team. If the Cap is $4.5m, and that’s estimated at 60 or 75% of total cost, the numbers start to get harder to rationalize.

A gate of 20,000 a game for 10 games at about $40 bucks a pop lands about $8m in revenue. So, that’s no box seats, no sponsorships or concession/ merch sales. Or, TSN rights dividends.

Again, a breakdown of some kind would be great. It’d help get some clarity, that’s for sure.

You have Remember there more Running a Football Team then Player Salaries

Office Staff Ticket staff Even Staff
Football Operation Staffs
Plus there cost of Tickets and Other cost
I think the 7 Million is Possible

With all the issues presented by the Caretaker, will 90 days even be enough time to satisfy the team's concerns??? The City has had the West Harbour location in mind for years. It was clear this was the direction things were going in. Couldn't the team have responded a bit earlier than barely a week before the Pan Am Games committee deadline? It would really suck if we lost out on our role in the games. Public money for stadium projects do not come along often.

Here's hoping Bob gets his 90 days and everything works itself out. It's putting a lot at risk.

I thought it was pretty clear over the past decade that the Cats are not making $40/ticket x 20k.

How many freebies were in the early BY years, how many discounts the past couple years.

I'm going to guess the MIGHT average $30 bucks a ticket, of which they pay taxes.

There are expense as well. Not sure if they pay maintenance on IWS, i think that may be covered by the subsidy they receive from the city.

As Steve Brunt said in the Globe yesterday - the Ticats are losing money big time. What's it going to take to get the fans out, I hate to keep flogging a dead horse but in an area of 7 million people you can't get more than 20k season tickets!
Something is wrong with the Ticats and one of the big reasons is The Location of the Stadium - as Bob says the West Harbour site will be no different than IWS.
Build the stadium where the people are - I think Alershot with access from the QEW/407/403 Via Rail would be the right decision. I know that the die-hards want it in central Hamilton but let's think about the future and make this team a Southern Ontario - Metroplitan Toronto team. It's the only way it's going to survive.

Also known as 'the other 40%'.

Good. That sounds like a good guess, too. I just used round numbers to hopefully get an educated guess within a million or so -- because I struggle to see a $7m loss. Your post, like the other statements related to the dollars lost, have done nothing to clarify this.

I have been disappointed in Response so far
I was hoping we be well over 100 names
I wounder even if we want a Football Team at al
Bob can keep the Ticats alive for ever
The Stadium location is key to long life long after we all Stop Cheering in life.
Our Children's Children will they have a football to team to cheer?

Or will a 100 Plus years of Football Greatness be lost like the times of sand in the hour Glass
Time is ticking fokes stand up be counted ..for the Future of the CFL and our Ticats

People are interested Onknight. It appears many like myself see your poll as an exercise that will have zero influence on the situation. I plan on attending the public meeting this week instead