Hey,sry if its off topic a die hard ticat fan always ont hese forums been a 10 year season ticket holder with the team and still am this year...I am also part of the Hamilton Hurricanes team..we as players just got our package of tickets and raffles and need the money to run the team this year and me along with the rest of the players recieved our packages..

So if any of u are interested in tickets/season tickets or raffles msg me or lv a msg on here and help support us!

I'm selling tickets for $8 a game or its $25 for all 4 season ticket games...and the raffles are $5 and great prizes such as

1)2009 ticat season tickets
2)Signed Jesse Lumsden jersey
3)Tickets to this years Labour Day Classic
4)Autographed Ticats Football
5)The raffle ticket also counts as a ticket to any of our games!

Thanks So much...Adam