Support for Timmy

Well, since he's not a 6'4 white guy, the NFL will be a tough hill to climb.

I thought he sucked badly on Saturday too. And, I also didn't think he showed much arm strength...but, it's game #2. I don't wanna fry him just yet.

I don't want to fry him either...I'd just prefer he's not on our roster when it comes time to fry him. Let him fail elsewhere.

If they really think he has potential...fine....3rd string is a good spot for him.

I`d like to see them trade Chang for a good o lineman, but based on his last performance could we get something for him??

I'm listening to sports talk show and the host just said something about Brady Quinn that I believe applies to Timmy.

Paraphrasing ....

"The Browns are terrible, but you can't throw Brady Quinn in there now! He can't read defenses, he'd get killed out there. A decision to play him now could be career ending! Let him sit with the cclip board and watch tape for a while and give him a little bit of playing time here and there when the schedule softens up"

You use Brady Quinn as an example....I would like to reference Joey Harrington.
Less people can step their game up to a new level than those that can. playing the odds...we can get rid of Chang guilt-free.
Poor Atlanta Falcons....from Vick to Harrington....sheesh. They should be refunding season ticket holders.