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Hi guys.
I'm a CFL fan from Rochester and have also been following Timmy's career ever since I saw him put up big numbers in Hawaii. I was particularly interested in the Tigercats when Timmy got signed. I also like the fact that Hamilton and Toronto are close to Rochester, so I can easily catch some CFL games.
Well, I caught a game this week when I came up to Toronto.
I was particularly interested in this game because Chang was starting and the arrival of Printers.

During the beginning of the game I noticed that Chang looked comfortable running the offense. However, they weren't moving down the field. A lack of first downs and so on. I also noticed that receivers were not running good routes!

And the defense! Geez man. Argos receivers were OPEN ALL DAY. WIDE OPEN !! Of course Bishop is going to find the open men.
Then there were several situations where running backs or kick returners only had the end zone in front of them, yet the Argos defenders ran them down like a thief and caught them. It was funny but at the same time, NOT funny. How slow can one be

I also thought Timmy was in a crappy situation. He finally gets to start and he knows that no matter how he plays he will be benched next week as soon as Printers is up to speed on the play book.

The interceptions were his fault. Growing pains in my opinion. When he put up the first one, I screamed .."Oh no's a floater" and low and behold it was picked.
The third one was pretty bad too. A pass to a receiver in the center of the line of scrimmage. That was an odd pass.

He's a rookie. And I believe he can be successful in this league. But the situation with this team doesn't seem to be working in his favor, with Printers arriving and all. Can a QB iron out the kinks with a clipboard in hand?

The next game will be interesting. I assume Printers will be starting. But how much of the play book will they use?

The next game will be interesting. I assume Printers will be starting. But how much of the play book will they use?

Enough to win is the best answer. LOL

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Oski Wee Wee,

Not Chang's fault, its the fact that Paul Working, Offensive Coordinator left him out to dry with the Argo blitz! Where was the paly calling for this. Was Working baffled himself? Thats scary, sorry Timmy!

Have to agree with everything you say rocboy.

you know what ..i too believed chang was put in a bad situation... hey there was a comment saying that there was no team ranked under 25 that chang faced when he was in college...have you ever thought that maybe some of those teams did not want to challenge hawaii... i think timmy will eventually be great in this league...he is just getting comfortable...i also think that the offensive coardinator left him out to was a reason to give printers the start for this week...i think if timmy doesn't reach his fifth game...than ticats will trade him...but i think its better for him to move on and he is off better to be traded....right now the ticats team... has no fluidity... meaning that there is no rhythm defensively as well as offensively (the coaches fault)...right now it looks that the ticats are just buying players and trading players ... that being said...there is no study time for any of the new players...

I think the TiCats should now trade Chang, and I will try to explain. First I don't want to see him go he has great numbers from his career in College, however his first taste of CFL football, I am embarrassed to say has not been in my opinion a postitive one.
I really feel for the guy. He has been thrown to the hounds. and that can't be good for his confidence.
So Isay trade him so he can be successful at another team, because this one has chewed him up and spit him out.

Sorry, but you got this all wrong. Case in point: Take a look at current successful (or up & coming) QBs. Calvillio, Glen, Marcus Brady (YES, the same one we had - threw for 300+ yards against B.C.). It took these guys 6 years to get where they r now.
Throwing Chang to the wolves was necessitated because everyone else was failing. You can't exepect him to shoot out the lights - he is still just too raw. The same can be said of Williams - keep him as backup, & let him learn. They both have great potential, but that potential will translate to +ve results only after being under-studies for a number of years.
Eventually they will get to the point where they will look like #1, but this will take time.
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Have to agree with you...I was at that game and couldn't believe how pi$$poor our secondary is. You think after getting beat 3 or 4 times in a row, you'd learn.

As for Timmy, I thought he played poorly. But, whoever decided to start a rookie QB on Labour Day, and the return game, should be shot. Nothing like throwing a guy into a no-win situation.

Hope he can bounce back. I question whether he has the arm strength though. Every play the called seemed to be to a wide-out, so, you better have a cannon to get it all the way out there.

I usually don't support knee jerk reactions...however, this team needs to win and they need to win now. If not, they risk losing a huge chunk of their fan base.
This is why Printers was brought in and Maas was ushered out. If Printers, backed up by Williams, can get the job done...fine...hang on to Chang and see if he makes any progress.
If a more solid 3rd stringer is required...get him and send Chang packin'.
What is Chang making anyway? If his salary has any significant impact on the Tabbie's payroll...get rid of him.
Based on what I saw at the Skydome on Saturday...Chang doesn't have the composure or arm-strength to be in the lineup ahead of Williams. So his salary would decide if he should be traded or kept as a 3rd stringer.
Bottom line...the Tigercats need to win NOW...Chang isn't getting that done, for whatever reason. After seeing one of several INT's on Saturday (the one where he pretty much lobbed a 4 foot big arc pass directly at an Argo, who seemed quite surprised to have a ball virtually handed to him) I wouldn't be opposed to RELEASING Chang before noon today.

RocBoy, you summed it up pretty well. Chang was put in really bad situations these last two weeks but they had no choice. At 1-7 and then 1-8 and an ineffective veteran starter, the coach had to try and shake things up. Many fans feel the switch should've been made earlier but that's history now.

As a fan that's followed Chang for three years now, I agree with you that he's better than he's shown so far. I also agree that the secondary is as bad as I've seen in the CFL. In fact, almost the entire D is too weak to be competitive regardless of who the QB is.

Printers was a MVP so he'll make a big difference but much of the team around him on both sides of the ball needs to be upgraded.

Next time you have to cross the border, time your trip to take in a Hamilton game. It's a great place to take in a game.

An Argo-Cat fan

Its great to hear from a CFL fan in Rochester.

Roc boy:
Nice to see you on the forum.
Chang may have had lots of success in college football. However after watching him start two games in a row in the CFL its painfully obvious that he has a lot a work ahead of him in reading defences. That takes time. Which we don't have.
Williams has shown he can make good reads, improvise and move the ball.Lots of potential. That makes it a no-brainer that he should be the #2 QB. Chang does not look like he will be ready for next season either. He needs too much work.

the thing with young quaterbacks is that usually it takes time for them to develop, if you get rid of all young players who struggle we wont field much of a team in the future.

also rochester rules, garbage plates for all.

I disagree. When Williams came in the Argos threw 7 and sometimes 8 guys at him on the blitz, he stood in the pocket till the last possible second and hit receivers for first downs and touchdowns. Whether the OC was calling good plays or not, one QB was able to move the ball and avoid the blitz and one was not.

I didn't think Chang had the ability to both scramble and throw the ball. When he did scramble his passes had about as much heat as my Skydome nacho cheese. None. Paid like seven bucks for those things too!
In one instance Chang scrambled and couldn't get enough mustard on the ball to get it to the line of scrimmage, that's just bad. If you're going to throw the ball away under pressure..fine...but put enough oomph on it to get it across the line of scrimmage! I just don't think he's physically capable of throwing hard, which should be a prerequisite to quarterback in this pass-heavy league.

I noticed something during a Chang scramble. I'm no QB and never played so maybe someone will know whether this is normal or not.
So, Timmy scrambled forward and escaped the pass rushers and his body was facing forward. The open receiver was down field to his right. So Timmy quickly stopped and re adjusted his body to throwing position, which was with his body perpendicular to the hash marks, then he threw.

It looked odd to me. I thought the extra time burned readjusting his body would result in a sack, but luckily it did not. Is this normal? Or should QB's learn to throw rockets down field with their body not in the natural throwing position? Someone drop some knowledge.

Good QB's can do it, which Chang is not.
Throwing on the run and from the opposite foot is something decent QB's can do, if they can't...they usually compensate for this with skills somewhere else in their game, which Chang does not.
Some QB's will even jump in the air so their body is more aligned with their intended target, Chang doesn't do this and can't throw worth spit while still on his feet. Stopping and planting your feet to throw a pass during a scramble is highschool-ish in my opinion

I think Alexandre Daigle was better than he was showing "so far" after being drafted 1st overall. Would I have kept him on my roster and keep paying him? Nope. Let somebody else pay to develop a player who might never ever develop.

He's a 3rd stringer at best...if the Tabbies can afford to keep him on as such...fine...let's see how good he can get. If they can't afford to do that...I won't be too upset to see him leave.

I think it's a wee bit early to be calling this guy an Alexandre Daigle.

You're right, he hasn't shown anything yet, but he's stats in college have to be worth something.

he's probably used to having an O-line.

If "he's" stats in college were so good..and he had such promise...he'd be playing south of the border.
He'd also be able to throw the ball to the line of scrimmage. I the least, the VERY least a QB should be able to throw the ball away with some sort of ability, I think they teach you how to throw the ball away in Junior Highschool football.
Were you at the game on Saturday? If so, you must have had far better seats than I. From level 500 (hey..they were free tix..shaddup) he didn't look like a very big investment to me. I get that he isn't getting the support he needs...but he doesn't seem to be showing much promise even when considering that.