Support for Grassroots Football and the Northern 8

Hello CFL Forums,

I come to you today to ask for your support in helping CIS football in Canada grow and expand its brand. Over the last year, Saskatoon billionaire David Dube and football personality Jim Mullin presented an idea to the CIS to create a national interlock schedule. The schedule would pit the best teams against the best teams, reduce blow outs and help create more balance in the CIS while enhancing the brand.

It was ultimately rejected.

Today, I'm asking you, fellow football fans to support Canadian amateur football and sign a petition put forth by Jim Mullin and David Dube to present to the CIS.

Petition Link: ... all-series

For more information on the Northern 8 Proposal please see the following links:

[url=] ... 52546.html[/url]

I can help answer any questions that anyone may have.

I humbly thank you if you choose to support us.

Best regards

Thanks. Can you provide a link as to why the CIS rejected the concept?

Ultimately the OUA and RSEQ rejected the proposal because it didn't give them enough time to evaluate how it could be done. It is explained in a small sense in the video link I posted.

I signed, and agree completely!!!

With TSN on five channels there is room to broadcast quality CIS match ups. I think the ratings would be good to. Great to see somebody showing the initiative.

I think the CFL should become a sponsor of the CIS. Help pay for transportation cost and in turn be allowed to promote the CFL to young fans at CIS games and on TV.

The problems that I see for a start is the travel. Who is going to pay for Acadia or any of the other East Coast teams to travel to BC or Alberta? It just wouldn't work. Right now the teams in each region travel by bus to each others University, there is no way that they will fly to other regions, the expense is too great. They would have to generate extra revenue to do that.

There is no way that Quebec schools would want to be involved, they have their own rivalries and it would probably kill the good attendance they are getting right now especially at Laval. Quebec is producing some good CIS players and their system seems to be working pretty good, why would they want to kill that?
Maybe the other regions should be looking at the Quebec success and what they are doing right.

The aim of Northern 8 is to generate more revenue since a national tv contract would be signed. Right now, CIS football is irrelevant to the Canadian sports scene ex for 1-2 days around the Vanier Cup. Northern 8 is first step to make CIS football relevant to the sports tv viewing audience.

The so-called rivalries are largely blowouts. Laval attendance wouldn't suffer if they're playing one of the top 7 schools in the country. It's why Laval plays them in the pre-season.

And teams would still be playing games within their conference anyway.

It would be nice to see more of these cross-country marquee match ups.

Here's a story from TSN on the idea. It looks like all the travel costs would be covered for the schools, so that wouldn't be a concern.

Good that there is discussion on this. Anything to raise the profile of CIS football is a good idea.