Support, Come on Cat fans,do you want to end up like Ottawa

Support your team , OR YOU WILL LOSE IT and end up liek Ottawa a laughing stock of the leaque, remember yo have local palyewrs like Jesse on the team , he not giving up. Their is many more seasons ahead and you need to support the Cats and ther CFL thorugh bad times and good or not have a team or maybe a CFL.

Have you ever watched a game?
I have yet to seen any post that actually pertains to a game......
Lotsa writing to the comish and PM but never an actual comment about a game.....

Im sorry but enough is enough andIm tired of these ignorant negative people running our game down and the CFL.

        Toronto I`m going with my son who lives in Calgary and grew up in Halifax where I still live. I always brought my son up to love the CFL and he is 22 and attends the stamps games and ever watches

NFL football and is waiting for a CFL video game which is coming.My son Tim S. was the captain of the Irving Cup championship team when Sidney Crosby was on the same team and is in the Sidney Crosby
BOOK, Take the game by storm!

      I woulld like to congradulate the city of Toronto and the argro fans for supporting the argros, 40,000 strong and a victory.

        It was worth it to see the best defensive display of Football I ever seen in one game

and it was classy of Bishop to admit his faults and take blame for struggling at offence, I like Bishop and I hope for him and the argros they can do it, it would make for a great story and for Toronto who showed they care about their team and our game and the CFL.

It would also be nice to make all the negative and ignorant media eat crow.

                Toronto if your listening boycott the NFL and don`t buy tickets and protect our great game that is ours and truely Canadian,

something that is very important to our great country and culture.

           Something is more Canadian

then any other sport including the game of hockey.

         Lets show the media and the Americans that we care and love our great game and want to

keep and save it and grow the CFL and make
it bigger and better then ever in the history of the CFL and we has proud good Canadians can make it happen.

                 CFL Fan Halifax

Tell them then. There's no need to tell us. You're preaching to the choir.

You raised your son to watch the CFL and "never" watch the NFL. He must not be much of a football fan then.

In my books, a real football fan would watch NFL, CFL, AFL, NCAA, CIS, and any other form of football around.

My son chose himself not to watch the NFL, and his friends in calgary that played the CFL, its hios choice, dont be rude and ignorant like D. HOdge reporters, maybe you should go live in the states too.

I don't see how enjoying all forms of football makes me ignorant? Enjoying only the CFL is pretty close-minded if you ask me.

It's easily possible to be a huge CFL fan, yet at the same time follow the NFL, NCAA, and CIS.

Your a class act Mr. McCowan, that your support the CFL and prefer the CFL over the
NFL and want Canada to step up and defend and protect their own leeaque and product, to keep the NFL out.

Dude, keep it all in one thread.

Ok you have your opinion and I respect it so respect mind, TAKE cARE, SPYDER

Yes sixth Grey Cup this year and I live in HFX. watch every CFL game

Why don't you post this junk on a forum where everyone isn't already a rabid CFL fan.

3 topics in 5 minutes, not one makes any sense.

andkon you are entitled to watch all forms of football and that's great.
Spyder, his son and me enjoy the CFL only and that's great. It does not make us any worse as people and your suggestion of being close minded is proposterous.

My suggestion isn't exactly preposterous. Look at the posts by yourself, Spyder, and a few others on this forum. All of them are anti-everything, and pro CFL.

You guys aren't willing to accept anything that is not CFL football.

andkon I watched the NFL as a kid and gave it every opportunity, but it is not the same.
As a matter of fact, no other sport can match the entertainment value of the CFL and equally as important played by athletes who are not overpaid and are very much grounded, "normal" like your neighbor.
That my friend no other pro league can come close to equalling.

At some point, the Ticats are in the business of providing entertainment. If they consistently fail to provide said entertainment, its really not the responsibility of the fans to keep going to games.

I mean really, in what other business are you expected to keep paying for something that you're not receiving? The Ticats have been pathetic for years now. While its certainly possible to be a bad but entertaining team (some of the Renegades games were great entertainment before Gliberman), the Ticats aren't. They're just plain bad.

You know what you get when rabid fans go blind and keep supporting a team no matter how bad it is for years on end? The Toronto Maple Leafs.

Totally agree. Of course, any time now you're going to be accused of not being a "real fan" because you're getting tired of pouring time and money into a sinkhole. Which of course isn't necessarily true; Just because you refuse to eat at McDonald's doesn't mean you hate hamburgers, right? You just don't want to spend money on a crap burger. Common sense.

Absolutely none. Oddly enough, it's basic business, but it actually has to be explained to some people. Can you believe that?

Now at least in your case, you have some cause for optimism. Looks to me like the effort is there, and on that basis alone, I would suggest continuing to support it. You have to like aggressively going after Printers, no?