Supplementry Draft

I was not aware there was such a thing just wondering when it started, who is draft eligible and how much depth would you find in a draft like this?thanks Ross

Try this...

Will Ham give up a first rounder in 2010 draft for Zac Carlson?


We don't necessarily have to give up a first rounder, if other teams bid second rounders and we bid a 2nd rounder ours automatically wins, same with the first rounder.

If were last to bid do we know what the other teams are biding when we make our bid.

You don't fool around with this.

You give up the first pick next year. Period.

Carlson would have been the first pick this year, so getting him and Rottier is HUGE!

Hendy, I agree that we make the pick regardless. But its an auction type process and we always have the opportunity to speak last. Its seems almost certain that it will take our number 1 pick, assuming at least one other team bids thier 1st round pick. If we want him, he's ours, and all we have to do is wait for the other bids and then see what the price will be.

In the end, we will have to give up our first pick next year, because both Toronto and Winnipeg (who have first right of refusal before we do) would both be willing to do the same for a good young Canadian OT. So giving up our first round pick next year is the only way we can prevent those two teams from aquiring Carlson.

But I predict that Carlson will beat Hudson out of a starting spot this year at guard, so the sacrifice will be well worth it.

hey, according to Duane Forde next years OL will have to sit in the NCAA for another 2 years anyways, so why not give up a first round and beef up the OL? Rottier+ Carlson + Goodspeed+ Gange-Marcoux + Hage + Gauthier = DEADLY.

Don't forget Hudson either

Theres no reason for Winnipeg and Toronto NOT to offer a first rounder.

They're gonna force our hand.

They know (Toronto and Winnipeg) That what every they offer Hamilton will Match it ..
so why not just say 1st round You force us to give up our 1st and next year have better shot at 1st pick over all..

Have to agree with Hendy on this one. I'm hoping our first round pick next year is NOT first overall so it's really not going to matter that much. Give up the pick to be assured of getting him, rather than taking the chance that there will be someone better in the draft next year.

Also all teams finishing behind the Cats next year (if there are any…) move up one spot in the draft, so it is to everyone’s advantage for the Cat’s to pay with the highest pick possible. But this is the year so might as well go for it.

I also agree with Hendy, it's a must do.
With the talent depth that the Cats seem to be assembling it may be in their best interest to draft Carlson give up your first round pick next year and then pull the trigger on another trade during the season and re aquire another teams first round pick.

Dont worry gents, we will be getting Zac. I have a lil insider info i will be posting shortly.

All Hamilton has to do is offer their 1st round pick in 2010 and Carlson is 100% for sure a TiCat since Hamilton is 1st in this draft also. Zac Carlson is also the only player available is the whole draft.

It would be amazing to one day have 5 NI's on the O line.

in drew edwards' article on saturday, didnt it say "All eight teams will PRIVATELY provide the league with the 2010 draft pick they're willing to give up for Carlson."

meaning we cant simply look at what other teams are willing to give up, so we can take a chance and go with a 2nd round pick, and hope no1 is offering a 1st round. or we can automatically get Carlson by giving up a 1st round pick (which i think we'll do) because he is worth a 1st round pick.

Hope know something soon