Supplemental Draft

The supplemental draft is on Friday, May 21 and Johnny Forzani is the only player in it.

Calgary must want him pretty bad to trade up in the supplemental draft. Looks like Toronto still has the trump card.
Let's hope one of those two squads is stupid enough to give a first round pick and let everyone move up in the draft.

The article doesn't say, so how is it that Forzani is the only player in it ?

Calgary’s Johnny Forzani is the lone eligible player.

lol, what makes him the 'lone eligible' player ? mean like obie and the cats did last year with the drafting of Zac :roll:

I believe it is because he is the lone player that is draft eligible that did not become eligible (paper work) until after the Full draft

Why don't you do a search of my posts on the subject. I was the most critical person of ANYONE about them drafting Carlson. I even put up my own scouting report which has turned out exactly the way I predicted at least at this point.

You have to be one of the most uninformed posters on here. Your kind of like the old resident coot and that's fine but don't make things up.

It wasn't a bad move at the time, the Ticat's had probably the worst OL and DL in the CFL coming off the '08 season and desperately needed help.Carlson was that and more as he was also a N/I with a strong possibility of becoming a solid starter in the league.Hindsight says now, bad pick because the Cat's have a rock solid OL without him.But to really judge whether it was the right thing to do or not, you have to look at the time and circumstances.I'll say it again, at the time it was worth it, now maybe not so much.

I don't think any kid who quits on his school or flunks out should be rewarded that way.

......GEE WHIZ....i must have hit a raw nerve there hfxct.....Let's look at your statement ...'YOUR kind of like the old resident coot'...first of all illiterate's YOU'RE....contraction for you are....and your version of you're is as accurate as the rest of your drivell....If i'm uninformed ...then you are one of the most ignorant posters on this come on here with half-truths and phoney makes one wonder how much research you actually do...I'll leave that for others to decide because anyone slingin' insults like you do isn't really worthy of reading ...period.. :wink:

.....Zac Carlson may not or may be a good decision for the cats...we haven't seen enough him.....right now MY OPINION IS it doesn't look like a great move ,considering on how far down the draft list the cats were relegated to, in a heavily talented 2010 draft ...

All right, guys, let’s simmer down.

Damn they just used a 3rd. Rounder ...

The Calgary Stampeders have selected receiver Johnny Forzani in the Canadian Football League's supplemental draft. Forzani is a Calgary product who starred for the junior Calgary Colts in 2008 and played at Washington State in 2009.

He is the son of former Stampeders receiver Tom Forzani, who played 11 seasons for the Red and White.

In order to take Johnny Forzani in the supplemental draft, the Stamps surrendered their third-round pick from the 2011 CFL Draft.

.......not a surprise......a third rounder isn't that steep a's not as if it's a first round choice like last year.. :wink:

2011 is going to be one of the best draft classes in many years, even stronger than the past one.Even 4th rounders will be valuable at this point.Time will tell whether he was worth it or not.

im happy with this pick. we need more alberta type boyz on the team. and a third round is not that much to give up if he's a good talent. so what if he quit school. doesnt mean he cant play football.

so what relation is he to the owner? another federik?

As of now, I agree with you.The Stamps are really dry for N/I talent at the moment and this kid could be the real deal.Time will tell.

no import is something im really concerned about with the stamps! i started a thread about it a while ago. It seems obvious to me to search for great canadian talent... look at the als and the riders... more Canadadian starters then needed and they make the grey cup. My stamps skim by with Canadians on special teams and we get bounced... I really hope its not the Huffer who is heading up this drop Canadian talent quota thing.

Johnny Fozani is the son of Tom and nephew of Joe and co-owner John who all played for the Stamps.

i really enjoy it when players from the junior teams get to the CFL(Colts). i know he was only there for like one season, but its still rad to me.