Supplemental Draft: Tyler Johnstone

The Riders have invited Tyler Johnstone tot the great Vegina to look over and shmooze. This guy is as athletic and pro ready Offensive Tackle as you will ever get in a Canadian draft. Will The Grand Pooba of the Water Buffalo Lodge chapter 425 sleepwalk through this?

The guy has lots of potential, but his injury history is worrisome.

Not so much. He's had a couple injuries, an ACL which many linesmen have had. Jourdain had one, the new kid they drafted two years ago had one, Our left tackle we had for years had two. His other injury is a broken foot. That is really on the coaching staff who sent him out on special teams without stretching to cover punts ! I'd take him in a minute.

Since Als are all but a lock for next years' #1 pick, the choice all depends on what the forecast as available next year. Als don't have their second rounder and while teams might not want to use their 2019 first, with all that has been written I doubt he makes it through two rounds.

You also have to keep in mind that next season is a new CBA... There could be changes to rookie salaries, could be a strike that postpones draft. I'd take the bird in hand. Anyway he's exactly what they need an OT.

Als could always pick him up in today's draft and then flip him for something of value like a quarterback or a starter and replacement 1st round pick. Perhaps Manziel or Masoli if they see nobody in the organization as a potential franchise QB?

We picked him. We certainly can use an OT. Question is how long will it take to break him in.

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Canadian OL Tyler Johnstone selected by #AlsMTL in #CFL supplemental draft …

Four other teams also bid their 2019 1st round choice.

Hopefully Blake's injury and Fulton's ineptitude doesn't rush things.


But, if four other teams were willing to give up their first I wonder how much else they would be willing to add to get him now?

Herb saying the 4 other teams who bid 1st round choices were Calg., Ott., Tor., Sask. Good to hear teams like Calg. and Ott. who already have strong National talent wanted him.

Aside from QB our biggest need is OT so I would hold on to him and hope he works out.

It was reporteded that the Riders Had him in Regina, tampering?

It is unethical but tolerated by the league. Worked out great for the Als, they got to meet with him on the Riders Credit Card :wink:

Very good and gutsy move by Reed. They are desperate to rebuild their offensive line. This guy would have gone number one in this year's draft and next years draft is lean on offensive linesmen. Plus all the other unknowns coming down the pipe in 2019. Not surprised most of the league was willing to give up their top pick next season for him.

Now go and sign him :)...

This was a good pick as, he has been around long enough for the staff to know what they are now getting, which might not be the case in the 2019 draft. The really great OT's will likely go to the NFL then and, in the last two drafts we did not get a starter. Getting a starting OT can be difficult with the NFL intrusion being a real factor in draft planning. Tyler Johnstone just might have starter talent in 2019 and, with his joining the Als now ( or the near future ) we are likely to firm up the OT talent for the rest of this season.

Adding Johnstone, then hopefully having a recovered Schiltz or newly acquired Adams win over the starting position.. that would represent a real shot in arm for the offense, help where it was needed most.

They just may have a shot at being favorites next time they face a rookie QB :wink:

When is Reed gonna sign Johnstone?! We need help on the o-line effin yesterday!

He got married this weekend, I assume he's on his Honeymoon. We should hear something in the next couple weeks.

Let's hope he joins the team soon!

Johnstone has put Montreal Alouettes on his twitter handle so most likely has agreed to terms.

That's great news! So will he be able to slot in at left tackle right away?

And why isn't our first round draft choice Rutherford playing? If he's not good enough to do better than Fabien, should we be worried he's a bust?

If Johnstone can play left tackle, we would be looking at a potential OL of


His natural position is Left Tackle, but it could take a few months before he can actually step in and attempt to start a game.

From this week's Kirk Penton column:

–I heard the agent for (Tyler) Johnstone is asking for (Trey) Rutherford money.

–Yeah, we were one of the teams that bid our first-rounder for Tyler Johnstone. But it was a debate the night before the supplemental draft because we were worried about his injury history. The talent is obvious, but those two knee injuries scared my GM.